10 Blogs the “New” Achievers are Reading for a Better Life

During a time where the big no longer beats the weak, but rather the fast beats the slow… most of the time-honored techniques for achieving your goals are no longer enough. In today’s fast paced world, you need an edge. You need something special on your side. Below is a list of 10 blog resources the “new” achievers of today are reading creating a better life. It is my wish that know what they are…

successDuring a time where the big no longer beats the weak, but rather the fast beats the slow… most of the time-honored techniques for achieving your goals are no longer enough. In today’s fast paced world, you need an edge. You need something special on your side. Below is a list of 10 blog resources the “new” achievers of today are reading creating a better life. It is my wish that you know what they are…

  1. Zen Habits: Given the current climate of our economy and society, I notice many people are scaling down and simplifying their lives. I’ve been doing this over the last year and had no idea there was a name for it… Zen. Great blog, great tips and ideas about enjoying life. Many of these concepts will find their way into my Do Over coaching program. Here’s your chance to get a head start.
  2. Seth Godin: I’ve known the name for years, but never really knew who he was or why I knew his name. With just a few cursory readings of his short n’ sweet blog posts, Seth has caused me to think differently about many subjects. Anytime someone can evoke new thoughts and cause me to look from new perspectives always captures my attention. Besides, the thoughts that got us here won’t get us there. I’m a new fan and have a bunch of catching up to do.
  3. Pick The Brain: Often the “industry” of personal development goes through grossly saturated periods of gurus competing in who can put the latest spin on “dream, believe, achieve.” PickTheBrain separates itself from others by covering anything related self-improvement steering clear of the “traditional” self-help gobbly-gook to produce results. Any useful information that contributes to a more satisfying and successful life is covered here, and covered well.
  4. Life Optimizer: Life Optimizer shows its readers how to live life to the fullest through personal growth so they can experience their maximum potential. Most people are unaware of their capabilities, regardless of how much they might’ve accomplished thus far, and live lives of limits. By optimizing their lives with what they don’t know that they don’t know, an even better life is available. Optimize = Results!
  5. Life Hack: “What is a life hack?” I asked myself when I stumbled upon this blog (and there are many others out there covering the subject of “life hacking.”). A life hack is one that implements hacks, tips and tricks to get things done quickly by either delegating or automating to increase productivity. Well, I’m all about that… working smarter as opposed to harder to produce results. This site gives me numerous practical ideas every month. You should only read this blog if you could afford to live a simpler and easier life.
  6. Dumb Little Man: This is another “life hack” themed website that I read regularly. Each week Dumb Little Man provides a handful of tips that can save you money, increase your productivity, and simply keep you sane. It’s another “must add” blog for anyone looking to simplify their lives while producing great results. Are you sensing a theme here regarding your Do Over? For a better life… simple and easy rocks, and its grossly underrated… unfortunately.
  7. Urban Monk: Personal Development for Bliss. Success. Love. Is that a cool tag line, or what? How can anyone in their right mind resist? Urban Monk provides a nurturing voice intending to assist you in recreating (doing over!) from inside out so you can experience a blissful, successful and lovely life (sorry, I like their tag line so much I had to include it again). This blog has many readers of which all rave of the blog’s advice and how it has made a difference for them. I’m in line to be a raving fan.
  8. 4-Hour Work Week Blog: The book, 4-Hour Work Week, has transformed my life third to only Rich Dad Poor Dad and Awaken the Giant Within. Tim Ferriss‘, the author, blog consistently proves as much of a compelling read as his book. Ferriss can be a little arrogant for my taste, but I have found that I’m actually attracted to arrogance backed by substance. Hey! You know what? You don’t have to do it all alone. You can actually delegate the things in life you hate doing with minimal expense, and typically more effectively, as well. I learned that first from Tim. Substance with delightful ROI!
  9. Illuminated Mind: How can you beat the 4-Hour Work Week? Offer the “Zero” Hour Work Week, which this blog offers as a free, high quality, 60 page eBook download. Their tag line (can you tell I’m a sucker for a good tag line?) reads… Don’t read this website if you want ordinary. *only if you want to live on your own terms. How can you resist? And you know what? The blog delivers. Illuminated Mind incites a ruthless resolve deep within to go with yourself; to empower and emancipate your most authentic self. Love it!
  10. Scott H Young: Here you go… it says it right on the home page (because I can’t say it better myself). Over 700 articles devoted to one idea: how to get more from life. Whether that involves doubling your reading rate, learning more with less studying, beating procrastination or just understanding other people—and yourself. Scott even promises not to have all the answers, this is just an awesome place to start.Success

Bonus Blogs…

  • PluginID: “Plug into Your Identity,” is a site about helping you realize who you are, and who you are not, as well. PluginID inspires and motivates others into seeing that they can be who they want to be and live the life they want to live. If you like a blog with no B.S., this is it.
  • The Rat Race Trap: is a newer blog that I read and I’m finding it has a similar theme as my previous recommendations… live life simpler, easier and smarter… and without compromise. The name of the blog also causes me to recall what has me almost entirely out of the “rat race” by understanding the simple and true difference between an asset and liability; and how the rich incorporate them into their lives… Rich Dad Blog.
  • Litemind: The site’s focus is in exploring new ways to use our minds efficiently. Again… can you argue with easier, faster, smarter? We all tend to complicate life too much, and we can all use more time to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want regardless of price. Litemind is another contributor (whether they know it or not) of the Do Over movement for a better life.

Bonus “Bonus” Blog!

  • Someday Syndrome: I think it’s safe to say that we’re all victims of procrastination in some way or another. It is certainly something to address when it comes to putting off paying bills, going to the gym, visiting the dentist, mowing the lawn, etc… all of those things we have to do. Procrastination has its price, and it can be expensive. But what about procrastinating on those things we “want” to do? In that context, “procrastination” can be priceless. Alex Fayle shows people how to turn “someday” into today so they can live without painful regrets. This is a new read for me, also… and I’m enjoying it immensely.

I’d like to believe I have all the answers when it comes to your Do Over, however… I’m so clear that I don’t. I only have one perspective and my own experiences to share. As committed as I am to my own Do Over, I am committed to yours, as well… and because of that… I wanted to share these important blogs and thought leaders to which I consistently refer with you to decrease the unfortunate possibility of you missing an opportunity.

I would love to hear your comments and the difference these blogs may make in your Do Over.

Enjoy, and God bless…

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