An Outrageous Free Tool and How It Can Impact Your “Do Over”

What do the five stages of grief and this outrageous idea that can positively impact your “do over” have in common?

Happy PodcastWhat do the five stages of grief and this outrageous idea that can positively impact your “do over” have in common?


The five stages of grief are documented. When you get some bad news you begin the journey through these five stages, whether you like it or not.

1.      Denial and Isolation.

2.      Anger.

3.      Bargaining.

4.      Depression.

5.      Acceptance.

When it comes to innovative ideas and concepts, you experience a similar journey of stages. Nobody just accepts a new idea. Most people initially reject what’s new. It’s not an irrational first impulse, either. New ideas fail all the time. Perhaps even more fail than succeed? Not sure, but sounds right.

I have traveled this journey many times. First, it was with e-mail. Then it was MySpace. Then it was Facebook, Twitter, the iPhone, blogging and Foursquare. I traveled the stages with each of these ideas, and I’m confident I took longer than most to get through them.

Each time my thoughts were something to the effect of…

1.      “What is it? I don’t get it. Whatever… it won’t last.

2.      “Why is it so damn popular? Get a life people.”

3.      “Okay, so it’s got a little audience and it might be here to stay. Still not for me, though.”

4.      “Wait! If I don’t get involved, I’ll be left behind.”

5.      “OMG! This is so awesome, how did I survive without it?”

I actually didn’t experience stage #5 with MySpace, and the verdict is still out on Foursquare. I did hit all five stages with the rest of them.

A few months ago I finished another journey of which my final destination was “OMG! This is so awesome, how did I survive without it?” Podcasts! I love them!

Podcasts are making an impact for me, and they can do it for you, too.

I have been a ravenous audio book consumer for two decades now. Rarely, will you find me in the car or on the treadmill without an audio book’s wisdom pouring into my ear. Awaken the Giant Within, Think and Grow Rich and 4-Hour Work Week have been some of my favorite travel companions and workout buddies, more than once.

Such a habit can come with a hefty price tag. Schedule F Line 20 on my tax returns tells me so. In the interest of finding a deal, I always visit Mindperk prior to shopping at and iTunes. However, more times than not, I end up at iTunes.

A few months ago I entered “Tim Ferriss” into the iTunes search box looking for 4-Hour Work Week: Expanded and Updated. The search results returned more than just his books, however. Below the book listings was a separate category title Podcasts, and what really caught my attention was the far right column headlined “Price.” FREE!

I had heard of podcasts, but didn’t know what they were. I had an idea, but I didn’t know.

Per Wikipedia, a podcast (or non-streamed webcast) is a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication. The word usurped webcast in common vernacular, due to rising popularity of the iPod and the innovation of web feeds.

Basically, a podcast could be described as TiVo for “talk radio” type programs, but 99% of these shows aren’t on the radio. Or, it’s a short FREE audio book.

I struck gold! I proceeded to download everything “Tim Ferriss.” I was the proverbial kid in the candy store. Through listening to those podcasts, I discovered others… Internet Business Mastery, ESPN: PTI, Smart Passive Income and TED Talks.

There are hundreds of thousands of them on any subject you can possibly think of. Sports, tech, cooking, personal development, business, finance, health, knitting, politics, comedy, history, science, commentary, beer (yes, a podcast on beer), etc…

I don’t care what your interests are, there’s “at least” a half-dozen podcasts for you. There’s a wealth of free information on any subject you want.

Let’s say you’re pondering a “do over” in a career of fashion design, there’s a ton of podcasts covering just that one industry (among any other industry you could possibly think of). Maybe you’re contemplating a “do over” with an old fling? There are countless podcasts on love, sex, intimacy, dating, romance, etc… Getting back in shape? Yep, they’re all there, too. I just subscribed today to Jillian Michael’s (from the Biggest Loser) podcast. She has great health and fitness information and tips, by the way. I highly recommend. Or, maybe you’ve had “one of those days” and you want to turn your brain off and plug in to some mindless entertainment… comedy podcasts to fit every possible sense of humor imaginable are there. You name it, it’s there.

Oh, and did I mention that they’re all FREE? As many as you want! FREE!

I’ve downloaded enough podcasts to last me for the next six months.

So, how do you get started?

1.      You will need an iTunes account. Go here if you don’t have one.

2.      Sign up and download the software.

3.      Click on the iTunes icon that was installed on your desktop.

4.      In the left hand column, click iTunes Store.

5.      Across the top, you’ll see a navigation bar. Click Podcasts.

6.      In the upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a search window. Type in whatever subject interests you. You can type in something as general as “business,” or get more specific like “business finance.” Or, maybe you’re a fan of Oprah? You can search for her by entering her name in the search window and you’ll see any and everything Oprah.

7.      Browse through the search results to see what catches your attention. You can click on the little blue play button next to each title to hear a snippet.

8.      When you find a podcast you like, click the Free button in the far right column and the podcast will begin to download on to your computer.

9.       Once downloaded, you can listen to the podcast in its entirety from your iTunes software or synchronize your mp3 player of choice.

If you need any help, send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I’ll be glad to answer your questions. Enjoy!