Change Your Life with These 25 Questions

Change your life using questions. Huh?! Yep, “questions” are the answer to changing your life, and these twenty-five questions will get you started with a quickness.

Change your life using questions. Huh?! Yep, “questions” are the answer to changing your life, and these twenty-five questions will get you started with a quickness.

Change Your LifeOne practice that is as responsible for my success as any other is the use of questions. The use of properly asked questions is one of your most valuable tools in getting where you want to go, and that has to do with whether you are asking questions of someone else or asking questions of yourself.

I have come to know, and trust, that my brain (and yours) will remarkably answer any question asked of it. Here’s a great example that I use all the time, with others and myself.

Any time the response to a question is, “I don’t know,” I immediately follow the response with “If you did know, what would the answer be?” This is not groundbreaking, I know. Many of you reading this have heard this question asked, and likely multiple times from various people in various environments. It often times is received as a flippant, sarcastic, or jesting response.

If you ignore the irreverent and cheeky tone that often accompanies the question, you will notice it almost always evokes an answer where there wasn’t one before. I don’t understand how this mocking question, “If you did know, what would your answer be?” stimulates the brain to answer, but it does almost every single time. What the question demonstrates is that the brain will provide an answer with relative ease in the face of no answer.

Would that change your life if all of sudden you had an answer for every question ever asked of you?

For those very rare times it doesn’t provide an answer, the next question is “How or where could you find out?” The pitfall most people fall into is that they fail to ask another question after the response “I don’t know.”

I have developed two rules that I live by with regard to questions.


Rule #1: Ask yourself the right questions—empowering questions.


Rule #2: Answer the questions honestly and authentically.



What do I mean by empowering questions? Based on the commonality that most people do not ask themselves empowering questions, perhaps it’s easier to illustrate the answer by giving you some examples of disempowering questions.


“Why does this always happen to me?”

“Why can’t I ever get a break?”

“Why don’t I ever win?”

“Why does the other guy always get the promotion?”


These are examples of disempowering questions. Do any of them sound familiar? These types of questions elicit a negative answer that will undoubtedly inspire negative thinking, and we know where that leads.

In situations where you may ask yourself (and this is one question that always plagued me) “Why does this always happen to me?” you will want to replace that question with something like, “How can I minimize the possibility of this happening again?” or “Where is the opportunity in this situation?” You will find, with a little bit of attention and intention, that answers to what afflicts you will come to the forefront of your thinking easier and more quickly than you thought possible. Once your brain has revealed an answer or two (and there will be multiple answers if you keep asking), the key is to focus on the answers and then act.

A cherished mentor of mine once told me during a moment of misfortune and calamity, “Matt, stop focusing on what is happening… Focus on what you want to have happen!” A well-thought-out empowering question will redirect your focus to what you want to have happen and pull you through adversity.

Change Your LifeRule #2 says that you ask empowering questions and answer them honestly and authentically. Some of my biggest results have been produced by getting real with myself, answering my questions honestly and completely. For example, when experiencing a lull in my direct sales business I asked myself, “Am I doing everything I know to do?” “Am I doing what I know to do to the best of my ability?” These are two questions that can serve you in many different areas of your life, but only if you’re honest with your answer. I find that in most situations we all know exactly what to do; where we fall short is doing what we know. Do yourself a favor and check in with yourself every once in a while with those two questions, they will change your life.

Old habits can be tough to break. When first setting out to implement the practice of asking yourself empowering questions, it can be difficult to 1) stop yourself before asking a disempowering question, and 2) formulating consistently effective empowering questions.

Knowing that from experience, I have assembled a list of twenty-five empowering questions that I have found useful in getting me out of potentially sticky situations, furthering my personal development, and staying on track toward my goals. Until you get the hang of formulating the most effective and empowering questions for yourself, feel free to use, modify and share some of mine.


25 Empowering Questions

1. If money weren’t an object, would this be a good business decision?

2. If money weren’t an object, would this decision be in alignment with my dreams and/or morals?

3. What can I do right now that would move me one step closer to my goal(s)?

4. How can I minimize the impact of this problem?

5. How can I minimize the possibility of this problem reoccurring?

6. Am I enviable?  If not, why not?  How can I make myself more enviable?

7. What’s the next step?

8. Who do I know that could help me with this?

9. Is there anyone that I can delegate this to?

10. Is this the best use of my time, or should I hire someone else to do it? (Visit

11. What can I do that would make me even more effective?

12. What can I learn from this?

13. How can I turn this problem around, and enjoy the process?

14. Where is the opportunity in this situation?

15. If I were mentoring someone in my situation, what would I tell them?

16. What is one way I could change how I conduct my business that would cause me to enjoy it even more?

17. What about my current situation can I laugh at?

18. What do I have right now that I’m grateful for?

19. What am I excited about right now? Or, what could I be excited about right now?

20. What am I proud of right now? Or, what could I be proud of right now?

21. For my life to be perfect, what would I have to change?

22. If I could drop everything right now, what would I go do? And whom would I do it with?

a. What type of income would I have to be earning on a monthly basis to have the type of freedom to do that right now?

b.  How long will it take, doing what I’m currently doing, to earn that type of income?  Am I content with that answer, or should I start looking for something else to do?

21. What is one risk I can take today that will move me closer to my goals?

24. What are three things I do on a regular basis that hinder the pursuit of my goals?

25. Are my dreams big enough, or have they waned with age?

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