Do Over: Book Update!

The book, Do Over, is finally complete and being run through final preparations for public release! It’s about time, right?!

As you might have heard, the book will initially be available for $1 each. That’s not a misprint, yes… $1. It is my goal to sell 200,000 copies at $1 each contributing 100% of the proceeds to new housing for a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

I will not pocket one dime until this is accomplished.

I am working in conjunction with Doris Hicks of the Martin Luther King, Jr. School of Science and Technology in the Lower 9th, NOLA. Together, Doris and I will be conducting an essay contest amongst the students of which a winner will be chosen. The winner of the essay contest will be awarded a new house for his/her family. The new house will be paid for entirely from the proceeds of Do Over.

I am requesting your help to not only purchase the book for $1 once released (September 2010), I am requesting you share the news of my cause, Rebuild the Bayou, with everyone you know. Together we can make a difference!

It’s really easy to share. You can encourage your friends, family and associates to sign up [to the right] for my newsletter and receive Chapter 1 of Do Over for free by either…

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3. Do all of the above 😀

I am so grateful you stopped by, and thank you for whatever you can do to help spread the word. Enjoy Chapter 1…

Warmest regards,
Matt “The Do Over Guy” Theriault

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