Do Over: Together We Can Make History. Let’s Begin.

Do Over: Give me 68 seconds and YOU and I can make history.

Press play 🙂

Do Over : Together We Can Make History. Let’s Begin! from Matt Theriault on Vimeo.

Have you ever thought to yourself… “If I only knew then what I know now, my life would be so different?” Don’t you wish you could go back and do over?

My new book, Do Over, shows people unhappy with their current situation how to start over so they can enjoy life again.

Not only can “Do Over” give you back a life you enjoy, but your purchase of this book will give someone less fortunate a second chance, as well. And here’s how…

The first $200,000 from the sales of Do Over is going to a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In conjunction with Principal Doris Hicks, we will select that family through an essay contest of which the students of her school have already participated. One of these kids you see in the video with Doris are going to win a house for their family. To me that’s just plain neat, but I can’t do it alone… and I don’t have a lot of time. I’m asking for your help, and here’s how you can…

Click the book cover in the upper right hand corner of this website (or click here), and at the very least, purchase the electronic version of Do Over for $1, the paperback and audio book are available there also, but at the very least purchase the eBook and ask a few friends to do the same. If everyone watching this video committed to at least $1 and then asked a few friends to do the same, we can accomplish this before Thanksgiving. That’s the goal! God bless.

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