Do Over Challenge

As the release date (September 15, 2010) of my book, Do Over, quickly approaches, it’s no surprise to me that my reticular activator, the part of the brain believed to be the center of awareness, is in overdrive for anything “book.” I notice book advertisements, book stores, book websites, book e-mails, audio books, etc… anything “book” seems to jump out and smack me upside the head these days.

The other day I stumbled upon an interesting website,, that specializes in books dedicated to self-improvement, training and motivation. Given a big part of my own “Do Over” has been founded on financial literacy and the value of a dollar saved,’s prices caught my attention, as well as their abundant title and format selections. While browsing through their catalog I noticed Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

This book is very dear to my heart as I owe so much credit of my life’s success to not just Tony, but the content he shared specifically in Giant. I have read it a few times over the years and recommended it to countless friends, family members and associates all to their overwhelming satisfaction.

It’s really no wonder that this particular Robbins’ book has sold over a million copies. The subtitle speaks so much of the book’s content, “How to take control of your mental emotional, physical and financial destiny.” After reminiscing of the countless lessons I’ve taken from Giant I recall its four parts:

Part 1 – Unleash Your Power

Part 2 – Taking Control – The Master System

Part 3 – The Seven Days to Shape Your Life

Part 4 – A Lesson in Destiny

Thereafter, each Part is divided into chapters and each one paves the way towards the final goal of teaching the reader to take control of his/her life.

I remember from my last reading of Awaken the Giant Within a challenge Tony Robbins extends to his readers that I chose to take on. The results for me were amazing. From page 23:

I challenge you not only to do whatever it takes to read this book in its entirety… but also to use what you learn in simple ways each day. This is the all-important step that’s necessary for you to produce the results you’re committed to.

I was so re-inspired by reading those words again. So much so, that I ordered the audio version of Awaken the Giant Within from and have been listening intently this past week while either on the treadmill or enjoying L.A.’s bumper-to-bumper traffic with a new found excitement.

As my own book is complete and ready for release, it’s time for me to start thinking about “What’s next?” This classic by Tony Robbins re-reminded me that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and as I’m preparing to donate a house (something I had never fathomed possible for me) to a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina… I’m becoming a BIG believer that anything IS possible.

What do you want… I mean REALLY want that seems impossible to you? I challenge you to declare it possible and go for it!

I’ll leave you with my mantra this year. It’s a quote by JFK that has inspired me into action all year. Feel free to borrow it, if you’d like 😉

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”

Your Do Over challenge is to click here and order Awaken the Giant Within from and then take on the impossible.