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My Quick Fix for Eliminating Worry and Doubt

Worry and doubt can debilitate us all, and they often do.  Without worry and doubt, the sky is the limit.  The first step to eliminating them is to understand their origin, and on today’s episode Matt is going to share the second step.

His technique is incredibly simple and effective, allowing you to focus on your “do over” worry and doubt free.  If fear and self-sabotage have prevented you from creating positive change in the past, you won’t want to miss this episode!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How Matt has been able to implement the “do over” strategies he has developed.
  • Why Matt recently decided to go back to the basics.
  • The simple strategy he uses for eliminating worry and doubt; and
  • Why the technique works so well.
  • What the greatest tool the world has ever known is.
  • Why toxic thinking is so harmful to your success.
  • How to frame uncertainty in a positive way.
  • The process of manifestation and why you must learn it.
  • The secret that successful people have known for centuries.
  • Where negative thinking typically comes from.
  • Why people tend to internalize and dramatize negative events.
  • How to create a life of happiness and excitement.
  • The easy ways to rewire your brain toward positive thinking.
  • How Matt is able to instantly shift to positive thinking; and
  • The mantra he uses to help support that change of state.



  • It is critical to begin your “do over” with a thorough analysis of how you think.  [Click to Tweet]
  • Don’t define yourself by your current circumstances or you’ll be doomed to more of the same.  [Click to Tweet]
  • Negative thinking tends to stem from a dysfunctional type of selective memory  – Matt Theriault  [Click to Tweet]

My Quick Fix for Eliminating Worry and Doubt

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