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Way for Your Success Most of the time, what’s holding you back from success is unbeknownst to you.  If you don’t know about it, how do you address it?  How do you break free so you can continue to progress within your do over? On this episode, Matt Theriault shares five steps that anyone can take to restore their power and access their potential (and it’s so NOT what you’re thinking!) subscribe What You’ll Learn:

  • The most distracting and damaging emotion when it comes to doing over; and
  • Why this harmful emotion is so rarely addressed by people.
  • How your secrets are holding you back from reaching your full potential.
  • Why Matt’s quick fix doesn’t always work no matter how hard you try; and
  • What this stubborn and constant state of worry and doubt is indicative of.
  • How to release yourself from your past and launch into your new future.
  • What causes self-imposed fear, negative emotion, worry, erratic behavior, and self-destructive actions.
  • Where the feeling of guilt can come from; and
  • What the feeling means.
  • The simple, but not necessarily easy, way to achieve a guilt-free life.
  • How the impulse towards immediate gratification leads to guilt.
  • The 5-step process to restoring your integrity and neutralizing existing guilt; and
  • Why fear of the process is actually a good thing.
  • How Matt plans to implement the 5-step process to restore integrity to a bullying situation.
  • Why you need to detach yourself from the outcome of the process.
  • The plan of action for addressing a guilty conscience so that you can clear the way for a successful do over.



  • “It’s very difficult to reshape your thinking for future successes when your conscience is conflicted.” – Matt Theriault  [Click to Tweet]
  • Guilt is one of the few negative emotions that doesn’t tend to get better with time, but you can learn to let it go.  [Click to Tweet]
  • Emotions can be powerful tools for success, but only when they are healthy and positive.  [Click to Tweet]


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 5 Practical Action Steps to Clearing the Way for Your Success

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