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Samurai and Earl Nightingale

Today Matt shares a “do over” lesson from the ancient wisdom of the Samurai warrior.   This story reinforces the lessons we learned on last week’s episode.

Additionally, he reveals an overlooked place where you may discover your next BIG opportunity.  It doesn’t involve a new business idea or marketing plan, but careful introspection of your current business and processes.  Matt shares a portion of Earl Nightingale’s Lead the Field program to teach us not to spend our time chasing the next shiny object, but rather to maximize the resources and circumstances we have currently.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stop yourself from making impulsive decisions out of fear or anger.
  • Why you should always be looking for other options.
  • Where to turn if you haven’t been able to find a great role model or mentor.
  • Why you should take time to study and prepare yourself to reach your goals.
  • The importance of thoroughly examining our own skills and circumstances.
  • Why you should stop playing copycat with others.
  • The benefit of looking at your work through a stranger’s eyes.
  • The difference between a real estate professional and a tour guide.
  • What intelligent objectivity is; and
  • Why and how you need to cultivate it.
  • Why you shouldn’t fear risk, but accept it as necessary to advancement.
  • How to use visualization to keep focused on your goals during hardships.



“Your mind is your richest resource. Let it thoroughly explore the possibilities of what you’re presently doing.” –Earl Nightingale [Click to Tweet]

Use intelligent objectivity to discover your next big opportunity! [Click to Tweet]

There are always better ways to do the work that you are currently doing. [Click to Tweet]

  Lessons from a Samurai and Earl Nightingale

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