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The Law of Attraction and Masterminding w David HooperToday Matt is interviewing David Hooper of  David firmly believes that getting rich is simple and can be done by anyone and today he shares the actionable steps you need to take to use the law of attraction to maximize your “do over.”

A veteran of the music industry, David takes the techniques he has used to help musicians spread their music and make more money and applied them to authors, bloggers, and podcasters to help them build their businesses.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Matt decided to join an expensive mastermind group.
  • How David became aware of the Law of Attraction; and
  • Why all successful business owners “get it.”
  • How Matt and David launched the “do overs” from the music industry.
  • The 3 step-system  you can use to turn on instant wealth.
  • How to get completely clear on what success means to you.
  • Why David uses a 10-goal list in his success planning.
  • The iPhone app David uses to track his goals.
  • Why you shouldn’t try to hang on to love or money.
  • The seed that started David on this journey of personal growth and transformation.
  • How David was able to manifest the car, home, and girl of his dreams.
  • How Matt used modeling to create his dream studio and a #1 podcast.
  • What it means to be “in alignment” with your goals and desires.
  • Why you should try to be the dumbest person in the room; and
  • Why many people will not be comfortable doing this.
  • The importance of being able to cut your losses.
  • How you can give to charity even if you don’t have a lot of discretionary money.
  • What to do if you feel undeserving of success.
  • What a “freemium” is; and
  • How Matt has used in within his businesses.
  • How to get involved with a mastermind group; and
  • The types of people that you should recruit for your group.
  • Why David suggests that you go to the gym daily and mastermind weekly.
  • The core elements of a successful mastermind group.



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The Law of Attraction and Masterminding

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