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A couple of months ago, Matt announced his commitment to health and fitness in the year 2014.  Though he had achieved success in the areas of finances, family, and faith, there was an area of his life that he still didn’t have control over: his body.

Will the “Do Over Plan” work as well for losing weight as well as it does for building a business and creating wealth?  Listen in as Matt shares his first quarter weight loss results of 2014.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • Matt’s weight loss goal for this year; and
  • How he used his book, Do Over, to create a plan for success.
  • Why he chose his mentor, John Schaefer.
  • The weakness in his environment; and
  • How Matt plans to overcome this element of his environment.
  • The trick that Matt and his girlfriend use when eating out at restaurants. 
  • How Matt is influencing his environment through books, podcasts, and websites; but
  • The problem with this type of consumption mode.
  • The habit that the most successful clients of the most successful weight loss coaches have in common; and
  • Why Matt really didn’t want to take on this habit.
  • How Matt was a bad student with his mentor.
  • Why Matt has limited his workouts to no more than 30 minutes.
  • Why you might want to try wrapping a bigger problem around your goal; and
  • How Matt is doing that within his weight loss do over.
  • The first quarter results of Matt’s weight loss journey.
  • Why Matt is opening up and sharing his do over plan for weight loss.
  • The simple way that Matt knew that his first plan wasn’t working.



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