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Alternate-Approaches-to-Getting-What-You-Want-ThumbWe have covered how to set and achieve goals many times on this show.  By now, everybody knows how to create goals, set timelines, create an action plan, and then follow the plan.  But what happens when knowing isn’t enough? Matt shares some alternate approaches to implementing with the traditional “goal getting” method. Enjoy!

Also, Matt will announce the launch of a brand new podcast called Body Do Over.  This show will simplify weight loss and teach you how to make it permanent.  If this is your goal, check out the first episode at

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What You’ll Learn:

  • The reasons that Matt launched a new podcast as part of his personal Do Over; and
  • What types of subjects John and Matt will cover in the new podcast, Body Do Over.
  • How to get free lifetime access to the Body Do Over private member forum.
  • How Matt was able to work with the mentor of his choosing; and
  • How you can adopt his advice to get almost anyone on your side.
  • The types of things you will get from true giving.
  • Why you should “throw your hat over the wall,” and
  • How doing so will allow you to recognize resources and opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Why your goal declaration should almost make you nauseous. 
  • Why Matt is so confident that his weight loss Do Over will stick this time.
  • What it means if you haven’t yet begun working on achieving your goals.
  • The event that made Matt realize that he had to take control of his health and fitness.



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