The Path of Least Resistance to Wealth | DO 113

The Path of Least Resistance to WealthWe all have things that we’re great at, and other things…not so much.  Imagine what your life would like (your bank account, specifically) if all you had to do was the work that you were good at and enjoyed to get wealthy?

Today Matt shares with you a fantastic resource for determining your strengths and weaknesses in business.  He also explains how he has used this resource and applied it to his businesses. Enjoy!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What Matt learned from taking his Wealth Profile test.
  • How to determine the work that you enjoy.
  • Why you shouldn’t chase water upstream; and
  • What you can do instead.
  • The 8 different wealth profiles; and
  • The basic characteristics of each.
  • Why Matt has had everyone on his team take the wealth profile test.


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