Doing Over and Getting Rich with Dividends | DO 115

Marc Lichtenfeld - Doing Over and Getting Rich with Dividends“Financial Freedom” is a common subject of the show and many different ways to achieve it have been covered.  Today, Matt is interviewing dividend expert, Marc Lichtenfeld, to discuss a subject never before discussed on this show as a means for attaining financial freedom.

Marc explains exactly what dividends are, why companies will offer them, and how they can be used for tremendous wealth creation with a one-time investment.  If you’ve been looking for another way to secure your financial future and create generational wealth, this episode is a great primer on the subject!



What You’ll Learn:

  • Marc’s background and his involvement with The Oxford Club.
  • Why he recently changed the name of his podcast.
  • What dividends are exactly; and
  • How they are different from stocks.
  • The best way to determine the health of a business (and it’s not the company’s profits!)
  • Why Kevin O’Leary, Matt Theriault, and Marc Lichtenfeld are so focused on residual income.
  • How to compound your wealth through dividends.
  • How to triple your money in ten years with a one-time investment.
  • Why some companies offer dividends.
  • What the Dividend Aristocrats Index is; and
  • How investors can use this tool.
  • The figure that you should also take into consideration when a company has high dividend yields.
  • How Marc assesses the risk reward ratio of investing in dividends.
  • How to identify a stock that pays a dividend.
  • The criteria Marc uses to choose a “good” stock.
  • The tax benefit of investing in dividend stocks.



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