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Mastering-the-Art-of-Charm-with-Jordan-HarbingerLife is a “people business,” and much of your success will spawn from your ability to build rapport with other people.  Jordan Harbinger of Art of Charm has mastered the ability to build rapport, and now he teaches others how to do the same.

Today Jordan is sharing some pointers for your “do over!”  By far one of the best interviews so far, this podcast includes how to nail an interview, how your ego may be hindering your success, and how to choose your friends if you are from a small town.




What You’ll Learn:

  • How Jordan convinced Daymond John to be on his podcast.
  • Why he changed the name of his podcast to The Art of Charm.
  • The reason Jordan no longer practices law, although he is a lawyer.
  • Why he started the podcast.
  • What his biggest mistakes were in the beginning.
  • Why Jordan does not recommend hiring friends.
  • The key indicators that he looks for when hiring employees.
  • What the briefcase method is; and
  • Why Jordan just hired a guy who utilize this method.
  • Why you need to pay your all-stars all-star wages.
  • Who the typical listener of The Art of Charm Podcast is.
  • Why Jordan’s program tends to attract a lot of successful entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • How your ego may be getting in your way of a successful life.
  • How Jordan recognized his ability to charm people; and
  • How he fully developed this skill.
  • How he was able to talk himself out of a kidnapping in Serbia.
  • Who Jordan’s role models are; and
  • Why he always has many role models.
  • The downside of mimicking your role models and mentors.
  • How to choose your friends if you are from a small town.
  • The best advice Jordan has for those seeking to improve their relationships.
  • The importance of being naturally confident.
  • How to control your personal brand.
  • The drill that Jordan will give to people who have problems maintaining eye contact.
  • The drill he gives to people who have problems with posture.



[Tweet “All businesses have their ups and downs. You need #Employees who will stick out the tough times.”]

[Tweet “No business needs #mediocre players. If you are job hunting, be an #A-Player! #BriefcaseMethod”]

[Tweet “To progress in life, you must put yourself in other people’s shoes. #GivePeopleWhatTheyWant”]

[Tweet “Don’t come up with #Excuses to be #Mediocre. Find a way to make your #Dreams happen!”]

[Tweet “It’s hard to protect your mind if your #Friends are trying to pull you down to their #ComfortZone!”]


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