Breaking Down the Do Over Plan | EREI 119

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In the first installment of this 3-part series, Matt guides you through his own journey using the Do Over Plan to overhaul his health and fitness.  No matter what your goals, this episode is meant to inspire you to take action and apply the Do Over Plan to your own situation.  Enjoy!




What You’ll Learn:

  • What Matt’s 12-month health goal was.
  • This first decision that you need to make in your Do Over Plan.
  • The difference between a decision and a thought.
  • Why you need to put something on the line.
  • What the ideal mentor looks like; and
  • Who Matt’s mentor was when looking to achieve his fitness goals.
  • How to get your mentor to want to work with you.
  • Things to consider when evaluating your environment.
  • How to keep your goal in the front of your mind.
  • Why laying the groundwork for your plan is so critical.
  • The adjustments that Matt needed to make within his own plan.
  • Why you can expect miracles when following this plan.



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