A View of the Do Over Plan in Progress | DO 121

Epic-Pro-Academy-Logo-300x123Welcome to the final installment of Matt’s 3-part series on how he applied his Do Over Plan to the different goals in his life.  Today, he discusses how he is turning his Epic Pro Academy into the premiere real estate education platform online.




What You’ll Learn:

  • What he would like to improve on his education platform, the Epic Pro Academy.
  • The quote that has changed how he puts together his products and services.
  • Why you shouldn’t wait until the perfect end goal to get started; and
  • What to craft instead.
  • How Matt is using a group of advisors instead of a dedicated mentor for this goal.
  • Why he took on 30 new coaching clients this year.
  • Where he currently stands in his progress on this goal.



Resources Mentioned in this Podcast:




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