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Byron Davis and Finding Your Sweet Spot Podcast with Matt TheriaultJoining Matt in the studio today is fellow life coach and podcaster, Byron Davis.  As a former American record holder, Ironman, career coach, & founder of the Epic Life Project, Byron has a gift for helping people get unstuck and transform their passions into lives and careers they love.  Today he and Matt discuss how to find your career “sweet spot.”




What You’ll Learn:

  • How Byron went from competitive swimmer to a career coach.
  • How the career path has changed over the last decade.
  • The book that helped to shift the career mindset in the United States.
  • How to get unstuck if you aren’t sure where to go in your career.
  • What the “sweet spot” is.
  • The role of competition in business.
  • How to figure out what you are wired to do.



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