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Byron Davis Doing Over When You Don't Have the TimeSo you’ve got your plan in place, you’ve got the support of your spouse, but now you’ve gotta find the time.  Today Matt and special guest, Byron Davis, are back in studio breaking down productivity, perspective, and priorities.  Enjoy!




What You’ll Learn:

  • How to keep your “lack of time” issue in perspective.
  • The difference between being busy and being effective.
  • What the decisive living game is; and
  • The only 4 options that you have to play.
  • How to get your productivity to skyrocket.
  • What one of the biggest time-suck is in today’s society.
  • The best definition of a priority.
  • The importance of learning to say “no” to yourself.
  • The fastest way to build your follow-through-muscle.
  • What the first sign of “going pro” with your life is.




[Tweet “In the #Decisive living game you’ve got 4 options: do it, #Delegate it, defer it, or delete it.”]

[Tweet “The #Bottom Line is this: If it’s important to you, you’ll get it done. #PrioritizeYourTime”]

[Tweet “You’ll always have time for the things that you have time for. #ProtectYourTime”]



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