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Doing Over BiggerToday Matt encourages listeners to ensure their success by embracing their so-big-it’s-scary goals.  He explains how all ideas require work, and if you want phenomenal results, you need phenomenal goals!  Don’t let your fear of big ideas paralyze you, but rather take the advice of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs allow them to grow and flourish.  Enjoy!




What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Matt started the Body Do Over Podcast; and
  • How his own Body Do Over looks a year later.
  • The problem that Matt and John decided to fix themselves.
  • Why this is a great day and age to Do Over.
  • What Donald Trump taught to one of the guests of this podcast.
  • One of Matt’s favorite books for entrepreneurs.
  • How Matt’s Body Do Over Show impacts more than his Epic Real Estate Investing Show.
  • What to do if you have a big idea in the back of your mind.




[Tweet “The difference between #Success and failure is often the size of your goals. If you want to do bigger, think bigger!”]

[Tweet “If you want to achieve a phenomenal #DoOver, you must embrace your so-big-it’s-scary goals !”]



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