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Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-Janice-Dean-and-Doing-OverToday Matt welcomes the lovely Janice Dean to the show.  After settling in a rewarding career as a senior meteorologist for Fox News, Janice’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Unwilling to let her illness undermine her future, she started her Do Over and now motivates others with the disease.  Learn more about her inspiring story on today’s episode.



What You’ll Learn:

  • How Matt was able to land an interview with Adam Carolla.
  • What’s next with The Do Over Show
  • How Janice started her career in broadcasting.
  • Why you shouldn’t be microscopic when it comes to your career.
  • Why Janice believes that her career found her.
  • The diagnosis that changed her life forever; and
  • How it shifted her outlook on life.
  • How she stayed positive about what was going on (but why it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself).
  • The epiphany Matt got from his own Do Over.
  • What’s in Janice’s future that she is most excited about.
  • Where to get support if you have MS.
  • The importance of properly labeling events in your life; and
  • How this allows for appropriate behavior modification.
  • Why Adam is busy internalizing events; and
  • The problem with externalizing problems in your life.
  • What’s currently going on in Adam’s life; and
  • Why they tend to feel like obligations rather than victories.
  • Adam’s advice for getting things done when you have a hectic schedule.
  • Where Adam believes his incredible work ethic comes from.
  • How he was able to write a book during his commutes for Spike TV.
  • What prompted Adam Carolla’s personal Do Over.
  • How Adam used resilience, legacy, and fear to bounce back from personal and professional losses.
  • The difference between being led by fear and living in fear.
  • What Adam means when he says “Nothing motivates me.”
  • How people like Elon Musk and Gale Banks inspire Adam.
  • Why he got involved in creating his motivational segments, Take a Knee.
  • Adam’s practical advice for those looking to get up and start over again.
  • Why Adam is willing to take a leap without focusing on whether or not his venture will work out.




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