Business Brilliant and Your Do Over | DO 134

Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-Business-Brilliant-and-Your-Do-OverWhile an avid reader, there is only a very short list of game-changing books that have shifted the way that Matt approaches money, life, and business.  The most recent addition to this list is the book Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff.  The paradigm-shifting book explores the differences in behaviors and mindset between the middle class and self-made millionaires.  It is broken down into the 7 behaviors that explain the success of people who have climbed out of the middle class and into millionaire status.

Over the next several weeks, Matt will be breaking down the concepts of Business Brilliant into digestible and actionable pieces.  Today’s episode focuses on 2 main lessons: being open to new information and following success clues.  Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • The books that have shifted Matt’s paradigms on money, life, and business.
  • What the premise of Business Brilliant is; and
  • The effect it has had on Matt so far.
  • What to expect over the coming weeks.
  • How Matt was able to rub elbows with 2 of his idols.
  • The importance of mastering the mundane.
  • Why people resist proven information about how to grow wealth.




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