Win/Win is a Losing Proposition | DO 139

Do-Over-Podcast-Matt-Theriault-Win Win is Losing PropositionIn part 6 of our Business Brilliant series, we are discussing the millionaire mindset and, although it is a popular concept, why win/win negotiations can make you a loser if you aren’t careful.

According to Lewis Schiff, all other factors aside, being ready to walk away from a deal is the best guarantee that a deal will work for you! So if you want a negotiation to work in your favor, you must adopt a Machiavellian approach. Enjoy!



What You’ll Learn:

  • Who finds it easy to walk away from deals that aren’t “just right.”
  • What the least interest position principle is; and
  • Why members of the middle class have trouble using it to their advantage.
  • What the #1 rule of negotiating is.
  • Why negotiating is a matter of approach rather than desire.
  • What the relationship between wealth and win/win enthusiasm is.
  • The only way that you can really create a win/win situation.
  • The 3 main steps of a negotiation.
  • How to set yourself up for the losing side of a win/lose deal.
  • Why you may need to adopt a Machiavellian approach to your negotiations.
  • What is the main cause of bad deals being signed.



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