What Happened to the Law of Attraction? | DO 20

Does the Law of Attraction still work, or was it just a passing fad? Who is at the center of determining what your life becomes? Is there a new “secret” that has taken its place?

“Remember, whatever you focus upon, increases…When you focus on the things you need, you’ll find those needs increasing. If you concentrate your thoughts on what you don’t have, you will soon be concentrating on other things that you had forgotten you don’t have-and feel worse! If you set your mind on loss, you are more likely to lose…But a grateful perspective brings happiness and abundance into a person’s life.” -Andy Andrews

Law of Attraction - ThinkAndAttractSuccess.comDoes the Law of Attraction still work, or was it just a passing fad? Who is at the center of determining what your life becomes? Is there a new “secret” that has taken its place?

“Remember, whatever you focus upon, increases…When you focus on the things you need, you’ll find those needs increasing. If you concentrate your thoughts on what you don’t have, you will soon be concentrating on other things that you had forgotten you don’t have-and feel worse! If you set your mind on loss, you are more likely to lose…But a grateful perspective brings happiness and abundance into a person’s life.” -Andy Andrews

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Matt: Hey, this is Matt, “The Do Over Guy,” and this is Your Do Over: Episode 20.

Announcer: During an era where countless people, businesses, and organizations are feeling the pinch, running out of time, running out of money, losing confidence, feeling as if life is unfair, praying for another chance and unless something is done, life is going to pass them by. Life is going to pass them by.

Fortunately, in the nick of time, there is now a place where the ignored, underestimated and unknown steps to producing results and making life work are revealed. Save your career. Save your business. Save your health. Save your relationships. Save your life. Get from where you are to where you want to be, faster and with greater ease than you ever thought possible.  Say, Hello!” to Your Do Over.

Matt: Welcome to Your Do Over, coming to you live from downtown Los Angeles. This is the place where, once a week, you will hear, learn, and take action on the ignored, underestimated and unknown steps to producing results.

This is the show where I show people dissatisfied with their current situation how to start over and begin a new life, setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest easier, faster, smarter.

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Over to this episode. I was trying to figure out what we were going to talk about today. I was wondering and thinking, and I noticed that I haven’t heard anything about the law of attraction lately. There was a time when it was so in the mainstream. It was basically inescapable. It was everywhere.

Mainstream awareness obviously began with the movie “The Secret.” I’ve seen the movie. I’ve read the books about the law of attraction. It all makes sense to me.

Basically, it’s that you attract people, situations, challenges in your life according to what you’re putting out interview he universe. This is another way of saying that you are the creator of your life. You. Not someone else. Everything you get, you attract it.

So if we are, indeed, the creators of our life, then that means there are no victims because there’s nobody to blame. Whatever your life looks like, whatever you’re living, it’s because you created it that way.

That’s a very easy concept for some people to get. Most people don’t have a problem with this when it comes to all the good stuff they seem to be attracting. They get the higher pay, the promotion, they get the better job or a better career. They get a new partner or a new spouse.

But if something suddenly is off or doesn’t go how we want it to go, well then the law of attraction goes out the window and frustration comes in. People start to whine, and pout and complain. You hear things like, “This stuff doesn’t work,” or “What a bunch of garbage,” or “This is a load of crap,” or “See? The world is out to get me.” People start playing the victim.

Here’s the thing. The law of attraction does work. Not some of the time; all of the time. And I mean all of the time. The law of attraction plays no favorites. The law of attraction is not biased. It has no concept of right and wrong, of good or bad, smart or dumb, ugly or attractive. Whatever it may be.  It doesn’t care which country you’re from or what language you speak. It only matches vibration for vibration.

So if you’ve attracted something you consider bad in your life, you better get busy and find out why. Where is it? What’s attracting that adversity or that uncomfortable situation or those uncomfortable feelings or the uncomfortable circumstances? What’s attracting it?

Oftentimes, it’s a breakdown in integrity. So if you don’t see it, if it’s not crystal clear for you, if it’s what we call “in your blind spot,” we call that a breakdown in integrity. You’re being inauthentic somewhere. You’re not being true, you’re not being honest, you’re pretending.

That might be pretending with someone else. It might be pretending with yourself. What are you covering up? What are you hiding? Where are you not doing your best? Where are you not doing what you know you should be doing?

We’ve all had those little things that bother us during the day. They’re in our head and they play over and over and over again. They prevent us from sleeping, they prevent us from relaxing, they prevent us from performing at our best. But there’s always something there if you’re not getting what you want.

Now, the universe and life, it doesn’t function in a fragmented manner. It doesn’t apply the law of attraction one day and then forget about it the next. There are universal laws and principles that are all at work and they’re all working simultaneously. They’re working all of the time.

For example, the law of balance, the law of gestation, the law polarity, the law of cause and effect, the law of harmony. I don’t want this to turn into some hokey-pokey new-age piece on far-out concepts, intangible concepts so I’m going to bring it back to the law of attraction and what happens in life.

Whether you believe there is some force in action or not, it makes no difference. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is whether you are willing to learn from life and the circumstances you’re facing, to learn from what you are attracting.

Quite simply, if you’re not willing to learn, you’re going to find yourself repeating the same old mistakes, the same old patterns again, and again, and again.

Now, if you’re happy with those patterns, keep doing what you’re doing. But if you’re not happy with those patterns, it’s time to do something different. They say, and you’ve heard it a million times I’m sure, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’re always going to get what you’ve always got. Just because you’ve heard that countless times doesn’t mean it’s any less valid.

So in trying to sort out what’s what in your life, it’s vital to remember a couple of points. In relation to this law, in relation to the law of attraction, understand that there is a delay. There’s a lag time between what you intend to attract and what actually materializes, what actually manifests in your life.

Because we’re mostly unconscious of what’s going on, we’re not sitting there monitoring our thoughts constantly on a 24-hour basis, we usually get these mixed results because we have internal conflicts with our thoughts. Our conscious and our subconscious don’t always agree. In fact, quite often, they disagree. And because they disagree, you get these mixed results.

Now, that’s just the universe responding. So if you want to find out what your true intentions are or what thought patterns are running your life, simply look at the results you have in your life right now. Your life and your surroundings are a reflection of what’s going on inside, and they reflect what’s going on inside pretty darn accurately.

To learn more about the law of attraction and how you can use it rather than it using you to be in control – this is all about controlling our lives and controlling our Do Over – go check out ThinkAndAttractSuccess.com.

It’s going to go over all of the universal laws, not just the law of attraction. It’s where I learned much about I know about the law of attraction. I found it really useful and maybe you will, too.

I got an email last night from one of my subscribers Roy, Jr. I just wanted to read it to you. Thank you, Roy, for sending in your email.

It says, “Hi, Matt. I hope this email finds you doing well. I am currently in the midst of a transition of jobs. I’ve been in my current job for over seven years and I no longer find myself motivated in this current job due to lack of appreciation and recognition from management. As I believe that I can do much better elsewhere, I’ve decided to quit. But as my intended resignation date nears, I am feeling a deeper sense of fear of uncertainty, but yet I am stirred by the excitement of the possibilities.

In your podcast, you’ve mentioned self-belief and discipline, but how does one overcome that sense of fear? As much as I try, self-affirmation every day, I get crippled by that inner sense of fear. There have been instances when I felt like revoking my resignation and sticking to this job where I know I could never be happy and possibly never know how much better or more that I could do, yet somehow I feel more resolved to quit wherever I get abused by my management.

How does one utilize that inner-fear anger to one’s advantage? Best regards, Roy.”

Thank you for the email and entrusting me with an answer, Roy, and thank you for entrusting me with your Do Over. I understand your emotions, and I’m happy to say that you are human, by the way. You are perfectly normal to be experiencing fear; something we all do. It’s an inherent quality. It was given to us as a survival mechanism. So, you’re not weird. It’s not unique. We all experience it. Feel better just about that. Anybody in your situation would be feeling the same way. That’s something you can take comfort in; something you can take confidence in.

I have a few comments of which I think might help:

  1. When speaking about your situation, whether that’s to other people or to yourself, especially to yourself actually, use the word “unfamiliar” instead of “fear,” use the word “unfamiliar” instead of “scared.” That could be something for everybody out there. It’s called transformational vocabulary. When you say, “I’m scared of something,” just try switching that to saying, “I’m unfamiliar with this.”

By using the word unfamiliar, it really mitigates the emotion. It reduces the emotion, it suppresses the emotion, it makes it not quite so bad. I’m sure there’s something out there right now that you’re very familiar with, that you’re very good at, that you’re very comfortable with that at one point was very unfamiliar. There’s one point where you were scared of it, and then you faced that fear and you discovered that there was nothing really to be scared of after all. You know the saying: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” That’s so profound, and again something that you’ve probably heard a million times, but just because you’ve heard it a million times doesn’t make it any less valid. We all fear the unknown and what’s unfamiliar to us. But sometimes just using a different word will mitigate that emotion, will make it not seem so bad.

  1. I have a question. Are you just quitting your job and going to play it by ear or do you have a plan? Have you decided what you’re going to pursue as your new career or your income stream? Just by having a plan, just the mere existence of a plan, that can dramatically reduce fear. If you know what you’re going to do, if you have a plan, then absolutely, you should be excited about the possibilities.

And rather than saying, “I’m scared,” or “I’m fearful,” or “I’m worried,” transform that vocabulary. Say, “I’m excited.” “I’m excited about the unfamiliar.” Doesn’t that sound a lot different? It certainly puts you in a more empowering state. When you find yourself scared of something or worried about something, transform your vocabulary. “I’m excited about the unfamiliar.” Excitement and fear is the same emotion. Just put a different word on it and it will change the way you feel about it.

Also, a plan is extremely important as it gives you a context of which to operate. The biggest enemy of fear is action. Action will reduce or even eliminate fear faster than anything else. You might have heard the expression, “Face your fears and your fears will disappear.” Taking action in the face of fear will make the fear disappear. Conversely, inaction (not taking action), will cause fear to get bigger. Procrastination causes fear to get bigger and it becomes more debilitating.

So if you have a plan, you can take immediate focused action where there won’t be any room for fear to live, where there won’t be any room for fear to survive. You’ll be too busy. You’ll be taking action and you won’t have enough time to think about fear. That’s another great purpose that a plan can provide you, as you have a future to live into. You have something to look forward to and you have something to take action within. And when you’re taking action, fear disappears.

  1. Another thing I might have to add – and this is a biggie for me, actually. It’s something I use and I say it all the time, probably multiple times per day – rather than placing your focus on your upcoming resignation date and everything that you’re scared of and what’s going on in your life, place your focus on what you want to have happen. You heard me say this several times on this show: Stop focusing on what’s happening, and focus on what you want to have happen. I say that to myself countless times per day and it shifts everything. It puts everything right back in motion. It puts everything right back on track and points me in the right direction. That’s a biggie. Stop focusing on what’s happening and focus on what you want to have happen.
  2. Something else – gratitude. Practice an attitude of gratitude. The reason why is because gratitude and fear cannot simultaneously exist. So count your blessings. Look around and acknowledge what you currently have. Is there anything that you’re taking for granted? What can you be grateful for?

For example, something that we often take for granted that we could be grateful for is just our health. If you have two arms and two legs, look up to the sky and thank God. If you’ve got two eyes and two ears, look up in the sky and thank God. That’s something to be so grateful for. If you live in a country that is not at war, look up in the sky and thank God. There are so many things to be grateful for. I’m thankful that I live in southern California. I’m thankful that I live in a free country. I’m grateful that I can do whatever I want to do. I’m thankful for my family. There’s so much to be grateful for. When you start looking around and counting the things that you can be grateful for, counting your blessings, it’s impossible for gratitude and fear to simultaneously exist. So practice an attitude of gratitude and there’s no room for fear to interfere.

I hope those help. In a nutshell, if you don’t have a plan, you need to create one. That’s first. Second, take massive action in executing that plan. If you do those two things, you won’t have the time or the energy to be scared.

Roy, keep me posted and let me know how it goes. Thank you for the email.

I got another great email last night from Rocco. Rocco’s subject line said, “Thanks, Matt. I’m addicted.” I didn’t know what that quite meant, but I opened up the email.

It says, “Matt, I found your podcast after looking on iTunes for education, business, etc. Well, thanks a lot, Matt. I am now addicted to your podcast. I cannot say enough about it. I have been listening to you for the last week since I fell upon you. I absolutely love what you do, and I do plan on purchasing your book to help you out with your donation goal.

Please continue to cast. I still have 17 more pods to go through. I just finished listening to J Massey for about the third time and I want to look into investing now. Stay well, keep in touch. Please feel free to check out my links. All the best, Rocco.”

Rocco has a website. https://vipprostudios.com/. Rocco is a photographer and a videographer, provides photography services for portrait and event, and he also does video acquisition for legal and corporate. If you’re in the Connecticut area and you need those services, please look up Rocco at https://vipprostudios.com/.

Thanks a bunch. Keep the emails coming in. I love the correspondence. That’s all I’ve got for you today. Don’t forget you will have until the end of April to participate in my Do Over contest. After April 10th or so, log into iTunes, search Your Do Over and place your iTunes comment, but not until you see episode 21.

Place your iTunes comment and send an email to [email protected] with “I did it” in the subject line, and be sure to include your iTunes name in the email so I know who you are. I’ve got to know who I’m going to send all this cool stuff to. I’ve got the HD flip cam I’m giving away and a slew – a ton – of gift cards. Love you guys!

I am Matt, the Do Over Guy, and I will see you next time on Your Do Over.

Announcer: Thank you for tuning in to Your Do Over, where the ignored, underestimated, and unknown steps to producing results and making life work are revealed. And remember, knowledge is potential power. Take action on what you learned today. This is not your learn over. It’s Your Do Over.

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