Multiple Do Overs with Christina Vendley | DO 38

Start OverAs many people are dealing with their “do overs,” given the economical shift over the last few years , some are experiencing their second, third, or fourth “do over” due to no fault of the economy at all.

On this episode, Matt interviews Christina Vendley of Free Blog Factory and discusses how she’s coping back in the work force after several years as a stay-at-home mom.



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Matt:  Hey, this is Matt, “The Do Over Guy,” and this is Your Do Over: Episode 38.

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Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last episode.  I mean how time flies when you’re a parent.  It really feels as if I just blinked and a month went by.  No complaints thought.  Glad to be a parent.  Loving it.  I’m glad to be back.

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You know what?  Not one person asked for their money back.  It was really classy move on his part I thought.  You know what?  I was impressed.  That’s all I can really say.

You can find all that information at  However, if you haven’t received the entire scoop on what REIC is all about and what they do.  You’ll first want to go to

That’s really the first step. Okay?  So let’s move on.  It’s funny that the more I tried to not to talk about real estate on this show, the more I end up doing so.  You know, what’s even funnier actually it’s been somewhat frustrating lately is booking guests that don’t have real estate in their Do Over.

I suppose that’s just an indicator of my personal networks.  So I’ve been stretching beyond my network in search of guests that have some insights that will contribute to your Do Over.  Some sort of insight and background that doesn’t involve real estate.  I don’t know to think that this is a real estate although I haven’t really done a good job with that.

But one of my guests from way, way, way back, Steven Greg.  He recently one of his business builders boot camp for small business owners and network marketers of which I attended last month.  At one back tables sat a woman representing her company, we got to talking and I discovered just 6 months she was a stay-at-home mom.  Very recently, she decided to Do Over her professional life and come back into the work force so to speak.

There was nothing real estate related in her story. I was like cool. Since we got along so well, I decided to ask her to come on the show and to share what’s like to go from working America to becoming a full-time parent then back to working America.

So on the line I have Christina Vendley.  Christina thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to share the story of your recent Do Over.  To get started, can you the listeners a little bit of your background then lead us up to today and describe what happened that called for you to Do Over.

Christina:  Well, actually, thanks, Matt. I’m excited to be here.  I had a lot of do overs in my life actually.  I started working in corporate and marketing in one of the Fortune 500 companies out of college.  I was bored out of my mind with that.  And actually I worked for a promotional company so I was kind of doing and getting some kind of commission. I went to a 20% commission. I actually did not make enough and got fired after a 30-day review, which was interesting.  I never got fired in my life.

It was the first time I got fired in my life but what came out after this is that my brother actually has this same type of company in Silicon Valley.  He heard that I got fired and said, “Hey, you want to come up or move up here and come work with me.”

So that, for me, a huge do over because I just got fired.  I had to decide whether I had to do this again and you know working for your brother has even more pressure.  I did that.  I did very well at it but that I still need to do over in my life to say at least.

Matt:  How long ago was that?

Christina:   That was 10 years ago.

Matt:  10 years ago.  Okay.

Christina:  Actually 15 years ago.

Matt:  So there’s another one coming?

Christina:  Yeah.  There’s a couple coming.

Matt:  Go for it.

Christina:   Well, I worked for my brother for 6 years.  We built a start up company to be one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley in a tech realm.  So we did great.  It was great to be part of what he created.

One day, my dad called me and pleaded me to come home back to California and help him start the same business.   At that point, I decided to leave where I was working or where I was successfully working for my brother to try to help my dad out.

Unfortunately, that did not work out because of personality conflicts.  You can’t work with everyone in your family.  Working with family can be very tricky.  So from there, I actually had to do another start over.

From there, I just decided to start on my own promotional items company.  I already had concept.  I’ve been doing that for a long 8 years at that point.  I did become really successful.  I get to talk and get sales.  I did it all myself. I held one of the largest accounts in tech arena as I could.

Matt:  Nice.

Christina:   One day, I had a child.  You know that, Matt.

Matt:  Yes.

Christina:  It changes everything.

Matt:  It does.  (laughing)  I can certainly relate.

Christina: (laughing) Right. As I had my nanny coming in everyday for the first year and a half, I was working away one day. I said, “I’m done.”  I dropped my nanny at the beach with my kid and me going back to work everyday.  So I just decided to become a full time mom for about 5 years.

My son’s now 7.  He is going to 2nd grade as of this week. I just decided 5 months ago to go back in the workforce.

Matt:  Uh-huh.

Christina:  That’s when I found Free Walks Factory.

Matt:  Got it.  So this one is really recent, what 5 or 6 months, right?

Christina:   Yeah. 5 months. Yeah.

Matt:  What was it that, you might just have said this, but you can clarify a little bit?  What was the first sign that things weren’t going as good?  What had you come back out into the work force?

Christina:   You know I had made the decision when my son turned 7 years old.  That would the time I just returned from the work force. Yeah I wanted to use my brains to use and create again.  It really meant relating, socializing, doing goals, and having something to accomplish so it’s really time for me to do it.

Matt:  You got several do over’s.  You worked for family, your brother, your father, and corporate America, and all different companies at different capacities.  What was one mistake or maybe a couple of them that you made in those past endeavors that you swear you’ll never make again?

Christina:  I would never, ever take a spaced job again.  Spaced means you don’t get paid that much, you get all the benefits, and expensive accounts, and what not because what I found after doing 3 or 4 years out of college or 5 or 10 years whatever is that no matter how hard you work, you are going to get the same paycheck.  That doesn’t work for me so I will never ever take the safe route again.

Matt:  Right.  Right.  A lot of people are finding that you know the word “safe” can be a little misleading because you know.

Christina:  It used to be safe before the recession.  They were safe probably keeps forever like it gets attention.

Matt:  Yeah.  Definitely.  I don’t know if we are going to return back to what we’ve been accustomed. I was listening to something this morning, an interview with Seth Goddin.  Have you heard of him?

Christina: Absolutely.

Matt:  Yeah.  He was saying we’re leaving this Factory Age.  We’re leaving the Office Age.  You know, we are probably never to return to our traditional way of working again.  It’s pretty amazing an eye opening thing.  It’s so many statistics.  You know, just insights that were like kind of made it undeniable.  Like wow, I guess you’re right.

Like it’s time to take control of your own life. You know, circumstance that not necessarily put it into somebody else’s hands.  So it seems like that’s kind of something that you’re up to. Tell me what you’ve been up to right now.  What’s bringing you back to your previous fame and fortune and glory?

Christina:   (laughing) Well I’m actually fortunate enough to be an affiliate manager for Free Blogs Factory.  Basically that company I was provide fully WordPress professional website and blog to help people brand themselves and their company.

I’m lucky enough to work with them.  That’s an amazing guy probably in the industry.  They’re an affiliate who’s incredibly inspiring to me as well because they’re people trying to make a buck for their families.  You know, you can go through this recession and you’re dealing with something different.

I have respect for what they’re doing and they’re dedication to it.  So it’s pretty inspiring for me everyday to go to work.

Matt:  Nice.  That makes a really good environment.

Christina:  Yes.

Matt:  So you’ve been out of the workforce for a little while.  You’ve been previously working for other people.  Now that you got a little bit more autonomy, a little more independence.  What new habits have you had to adapt in your Do Over?

Christina:   Okay. I had to be patient because when you’re starting over you’ve got to work hard. Even when it doesn’t come in your time so I basically have to learn how to plant, cultivate, and harvest.  I’ve been very patient because you want everything now, now, and now but that doesn’t happen in the real world.

Matt:  Right.  It sure doesn’t.  You’ve been in the technology industry for most of your working career and you’re in it once again.  What is the surface technology that’s been making the difference right now?

Christina:  When I was working 6 years ago, we didn’t have iPhone, text or even FaceBook.  All we had was Skype.  Now all these technologies obviously I work for a tech company.  So basically I have my iPhone attached to my head at all times.

I have to be on Facebook all day until I get an affiliate and until I go to sleep basically a lot of time.  I appreciate all of it to keeps us all connected.  I don’t have an iPad yet but I need one of those.  We keep on giving those away as prizes for contests.  But I need to get one of those for myself.

Matt:  You said something that FaceBook as a technology and have that on all day.  You know, I’ve been just bombarded with emails, text messages, and come to this Webinars, come to this seminar on how “How to Use Social Media to Generate Business.”

I’ve gone to a couple of things.  I‘ve gone and tried out a few things.  You know, I’ve got a FaceBook account, Twitter account.  I’ve pretty much found them useless for business. I mean how are you making it work for you and your business?

Christina:  Well, I’m communicating with affiliates over FaceBook instead of doing an email.  That’s how I find which affiliate to work better then that way. Not only do I communicate with them, I also added 600 new possible affiliates to my Facebook friends since I started 5 months ago.  That’s the way I go through and find prospects.  I send them friend requests.  I probably spend 1 to 2 hours a day on FaceBook just communicating and cultivating relationships to bring new affiliates and to keep affiliates that we have.  You know, make them happy through communication with them.

Matt:  Nice.  So you’ve brought on 500 to 600 new affiliates just through your FaceBook relationships?

Christina:   Right.

Matt:  Wow.  May I ask what is your initial communication look like and where you actually get a response because I actually myself deleting a whole bunch of stuff?

Christina:  Well, I look at what we have in common so first thing I do is I like a lot of things that other affiliates might be into like real estate, or you know some books they might like think and grow rich.  You know I find similar niches while I’m going out on FaceBook.

I’m authentic about it.  I do like those things but I just make a broad like on my pages but what I do then I go and look at people that are already affiliate with ours and then I go to their page.  I see if they’re on the business or not.  When I see that have 20 or 40 or 60 or 100 friends in common. I send them a friend request saying, “Hey, look, you know, we have awesome business people in common. I think you know somebody I know.”  You know, connect with like-minded people. That’s what I’ve been doing.  Basically that then you know maybe 60% of people respond back and they’re happy to.

Matt:  Got it.  What you’re saying is that you pretty much interact and network with people online in the same way you network and interact with people offline.

Christina:  Exactly.

Matt:  Right.

Christina:   I don’t have to go out.  I’ll just be on my desk at home. I can do it at the office, at the beach, or do it from anywhere, even on my iPhone as well.  Yeah.  It’s very, very powerful.  I don’t even really pick up the phone or communicate any of my clients that much.  We can Skype.  It’s crazy.

Matt:  It’s funny how that happened. Absolutely. So now that from the people I’ve had on this show, people that I’ve talked, what I notice is that they go through some rise and fall then rise again. Some of them do it a couple of times.  Age comes with that as well.  How have your goals changed?  How has your definition of success changed?

Christina:  Well, that’s a good point.  When I was younger, I used only measure by money or by the car I had or the houses I had.  But now I’ve learned especially from the recession that tosses everyone a huge lesson, just being more humble.

Whatever those things are, I don’t get my measure of self-worth from those or external components like that, because that’s not really whom I am or doesn’t define me.  So now, it’s not about the money.  It’s more about the life balance.

You know, I have a child.  I have a 7-year old.  I need to spend time with him and be a good mom to him.  I love to go to work, train, and inspire people to achieve their goals.  You know, if I do that, I’m taking care of my health and my vitality.  I’m spending time with my family.  That’s what gets me out of bed every morning.

Matt:  Right. Right.  You know, I know there’s a lot; I get a lot of emails from a lot from working moms and working parents.  What sort of advice or tip would you give a mom out there listening right now that’s a stay-at-home mom right now thinking of entering the work force or maybe someone who’s already in the workforce and you know, maybe experiencing a little challenge of balancing life?

Christina:    You know the best thing I could say for their part is just to find it.  When I was full-time mom, I write blogs to keep my, not only just to keep my brain working but what it can do is that it can help brand themselves.  Whether they’re re-entering the workforce, they’re really going to need that because that’s a replication of creating your mind.

I did it all resume that someone can Google your name and find your website, see what you’re about, and you know you have complete control over that.  So you know, obviously she can make herself great as you can, which you should.  Trust me if you’re looking for a job, that’s my first thing you can do.

But you need to stay where you are.  You can at least do that in the meantime like you’re stuck in the job where you can’t leave.  You can get a blog.  Start learning social media and that will actually create your resume that you’re doing that.  I think that’s one of the reasons why they hired me because I have a blog.

And it was successful.  They get to see what kind of person I was from looking at that for 5 minutes.  But you know balance, balance is a thing you need to have time when you can just turn off the phone, you know turn the Skype off, shut it down, and give at least few hours of complete time to your family.  Don’t let anyone interrupt you.  Do that as much as possible.

Matt:  Yes, setting your boundaries.

Christina: Yeah, setting your boundaries.

Matt:  Absolutely.  You said something about your hired for your current position and then working your current position that really looked at your blog.  I’ve been hearing about companies looking for new employees, new prospects to work with their companies.  Your online presence is very important these days. I’m hearing funny stories of people losing jobs because their college fraternity days and they posted crazy pictures on FaceBook.

Christina:   Absolutely.

Matt:  So your online presence is really, really so so important.  It’s affecting everyone part of life.  Isn’t it?

Christina:  Absolutely.  You know I have a friend that’s a manager.  She had a guy call in at work on a Friday.  He is so stupid because he posted on FaceBook “I’m off to Vegas for the weekend.”

Matt: (laughing)

Christina:   You got to be smart about what you’re trading online.  Right?  What’s great about having a blog instead of having other means.  First thing, well, get rid of those things anything that has to do with carting or up to no good.  Keep it off.  That’s your reputation.  That could you your job or cost you not to get a job.  People overlook it.

Matt:  Do you know different things are coming to me from this interview that I heard.  Then you add a little bit about your prospective employers doing a Google search on you and they don’t find anything.

Christina:  Yeah.  That’s a problem as well.  I mean, the thing, I have an interview with a guy.  I googled his company.  I didn’t find anything.  I don’t like that.  That’s being I don’t trust the person because what he is hiding.  What’s going on with that?  You know, I suggest that everyone by their own domain name because you need to have, you don’t want someone that doesn’t like you get a hold of your domain name and post whatever they want to about you and have that come up.  You wont have control over that.

It’s just a nightmare.  So that’s I suggest for every new customer to get it and spend $10 a year and get your own domain name.  Get your blog set up.  With that domain name so you can control that and you know, like I said it’s your online reputation.  It’s just everything.  You have to protect that just like your actual kids, your life. I mean your online reputation can be everything.

Matt:  Absolutely.  You know, not even a silhouette, they would be hiding something.  I know a friend that I know form high school.  I’ve been looking for him for like forever.  And I just know there is nothing online about him because he probably has absolutely no interest in anything online.  (laughing)  So it got to show that (pause)

Christina:  Right.

Matt: Wow! Okay.  So maybe you’re not hiding anything but everybody like you out of touch, dude.  (laughing)

Christina:  That’s right, Matt.  That’s a good point.  That’s what the guy told me when I asked him, “I googled you and I can’t see you.”  He said, “I don’t believe in being online.”  Oh my god, I want to see who I want to work with.  So that’s not where I want to be and go into the future without that mindset.

Matt:  Absolutely.  So up to this point in your life, Christina, what are you most proud of?

Christina:  You know, Matt, I’m just proud that I’m still here.  (laughing) I’ve gone to a lot of up and own in my life.  I’m just proud of myself that you know I’m still down.  I’m still surviving, to give work ethic.  I’m just looking forward to the future.  You know, I don’t need a lot.  Sometimes, a lot is worse but that thing doesn’t really mean anything anymore.

Matt:  There’s a lot to be grateful for.  Isn’t it?

Christina:  Absolutely.  I’m grateful for everything.

Matt:   This is.  Life can be awesome.  You stop and think how fortunate we are just to be living in America.  I mean just to have two arms, two legs, and breathe clean air and be able to count money, and speak English.  It’s like those things right there that we all just take for granted.  They’re such blessings themselves

Christina: Absolutely.  I’m not a runner but I go run everyday. A few people would come and you know what?  I have two legs.  I’m running.  I’m good. You know, I’m blessed.

Matt: Absolutely.  So what’s in your future right now that just makes you excited to getting started in your do over, again.  Hopefully this is the last time that you need to Do Over.  So what is it that you know caused you to choose what you’ve chosen and what is it about that gets you excited about?

Christina:  You know I’m really just excited about Free Blog Factory.  I love working with the guys that I work with, Brad and Will.  They’re amazing guys.  They get me pumped up everyday and inspired and motivated to do the best I can.  Being surrounded that kind of talent and people that has such a high level of integrity.

I’m inspired by them and just inspired by our customers and our affiliates.  I can se them go through their process of just starting and learning how to do blogging all the way up to wining those contests and the market, the computers.  It’ a fun, fun, fun place to be.  And for my personality, I love to inspire people.  It’s a perfect fit.  And so, God, he works through me.  I’m so glad.

Matt:  You know we’ve been following this word “blogging.”  I don’t know if I’m being assumptive or assuming that everybody knows what that is.  Maybe they don’t or maybe I take that for granted.  Can you explain what blogging is?

Christina:   Well, a blog is basically a way to communicate with the world on Internet.  We provide a WordPress blog/webpage.  What that is, is a four-page website and it comes with a first page is a blog then there are three pages.

The website is just ecstatic but a blog is something that changes as you put in articles or banners or any information that you want to do.  There’s something you can communicate via online but you can also manipulate it, update it, you know, quick as a button.

That’s really powerful of being able to do it yourself.  You don’t need web designers.  We make it really easy to work. You can communicate and put on articles almost like a mini-magazine of your own.

You can make blogposts as long or as short as you want.  You know, you work better.  It gets you to communicate with other people.  You get to connect working with people, your followers of your website or blog site.

It actually can lead to great things. I had my blog for two years.  When I was full time mom, I was approached to write for an international magazine just because this gal read one of my posts.  So it’s really unrelenting to what a blog can do for you.

It’s truly up to you how much time and effort you want to put into it but it’s something I recommend for anyone.  Whether they’re working or not, it’s just a way to get certification out there, get finance, and get yourself noticed by the world.

Matt:  Right.  I have to play devil’s advocate because just the name of your company is Free Blog Factory.  We know nothing in life is actually free.  Is this blog really free?

Christina: The actual blog is free.  Believe it or not.  There’s nothing funny about it.  We do provide free WordPress webpage.  You pay only for your training. We have training Webinars.  We have training videos, online chat as well as sound support.  But what you have to do is that you need to have a webpage.  You need to have a domain name, which would be like That would be the domain name.

You need to make sure that you have those.  It only cost a few dollars per year to make sure that and you can put that on the US when you set up your site and use an existing domain name and point it over that could actually be free if you already have one.

Matt:  Got it.

Christina:  You’ll love it.  Everybody needs website.  A website that needs posting.  It’s like paying rent on the Internet.  To make your website or blog go live on the Internet, you have to pay for hosting.  Usually, it’s a monthly service.

We use Host Care, one of the world’s largest and reputable hosting companies.  At this point, they have a special.  If you pay month to month, which is free for the first 30 days.  Do that, it’s $9.95 a month but if you’re really committed and dedicated to what you’re doing in your business, they have two programs that will help you get that cost down if you pay $6.95 a month.

So we are really talking about $6.95 a month being which is what you have to have anyway.  A possible $10 a year to secure your domain name.  All of our services that we provide are free.  No surprises.  We do have two things that you can choose to use if you like, which we just started last week, which is a custom website design package.

That is $197.  That is if you want to get your picture or your logo, if you want to match it to your favorite color, or you know whatever design you want.  That is an option if you want your blog to look different from everyone else.

Matt:  Got it.  I know there have been, I’m just like you’re talking about my world now, so now I have some questions of my own, personal interests.  So hopefully you can apply to me, so I know a lot of free websites that have been around in the past like they’ve been loaded with advertising and then if you pay then you can get rid of that advertising.  Do you have something going on like that?

Christina:  No.  Not at all.

Matt:  There’s no other third party advertising or anything like that?

Christina:   No.  There’s no 3rd party.

Matt:  So the hosting, I mean I got several websites.  I actually have a whole host of website and some other hosts as well so I know you got to do that.  Do you guys like for example, heaven forbid, if Free Blog Factory went out of business, would my website go down also?

Christina:  No.  Because we are just the catalyst kind of people who help you create your website but if we were not here tomorrow and for some reason got away.  You are actually paying for Host Care so all the money that you’re paying for hosting is going directly to Host Care.  They are hosting your website.  So if we are not around, your website will definitely stay up because Host Care is your hosting company.

Matt:  Okay.  So I’m just sorry.  It totally makes sense.

Christina:   Is that weird?

Matt:  Well I have such a business mind so what are you?  A non-profit organization or what?

Christina:  We used to be their largest affiliate so Host Care came to us and said to partner up.  What we do is we partner with them so we do get some money back when people use Host Care as their hosting camp.

Matt:  Got it.

Christina:  It’s obviously not a large amount of money so that’s why we’re starting to do customization.  The web design customization is the $197.  We also have a “Business Mind Package,” that is the $197 as well.

What that does is that it gives the person to capture the leads and traffic that comes to the website.  We do that as a custom-design profit form and the copy write form.  So we do the entire copy write and design for that match with you logos, or whatever your pictures are.

Those are the two packages now.  We are sure to have some exciting news coming in the future.

Matt:  Got it.  You guys do a whole lot of work for a little fee.  You got to do these free blogs, don’t you?

Christina:  We turned away a lot of value, probably because it’s part of the tour with Bob Bert talked about building companies with value, value-added features first for 5 days. I think that’s the business model that they have followed.  So that’s we’re at.

You know we have great, great customer base at this point.  We are going to start rolling out some customized products that are really helpful to people, to make their blogs even better.

Matt:  Awesome.  I’m impressed.  I’ve got four blogs of my own. I know how long it took to launch each one of them.  You guys just do it for the people who’s going to pay for the hosting, which you’ll do anyway.

Christina: Right.  Exactly.  Thank you.

Matt:  Very cool.  I get it.  I understand now.  I’m about to launch a new blog anyway.  I think I’m going to go test-drive your service.

Christina:  Perfect.  I appreciate that.

Matt:  Put it to the test.

Christina:  Well, tell me what’s it all about. (laughing)

Matt: That’s where we have to go. (laughing)

Christina:   Okay.  So go to

Matt:  So

Christina:  Right. So that’s

Matt:  Got it.  Okay.  I’m going to take you up on that.  And I’m tough too.  I’ll try to poke holes to that if I can.  But I won’t be mean.  I won’t be unfair that’s for sure.

Christina:  I’ll be waiting for your phone call. When you call and say, “that was too easy. I can not believe that just happened.”

Matt:  (laughing)

Christina:   Call me.  My line’s open. (laughing)

Matt:  That’s awesome. Thank you.  Thank you.  Christina, we are out of time.  Thank you for spending the time.  I didn’t know that we talk so much about your business but I’m glad we did because I have a personal interest.  I’ve also got a lot of listeners that will have personal interests on that as well.  Maybe we can all test drive it together and compare notes or they can just wait for me.  I’ll be guinea pig.   I’ll take most of your stuff anyway.

Christina:  (laughing)

Matt:  Alrighty.

Christina:  Sounds good.

Matt:  Cool. Would you like to come back in the future just to let us know how things are going?

Christina: I would love to come back.

Matt:  Great.  I really enjoyed having you on the show.  Thank you so much.

Christina:  Thank you, Matt.  Take care.  Bye bye.

Matt:  Great call.  You know, I love making new friends. I love adding inspiring people to my network and my environment.  And you know, the one thing that I picked up from the call.  It was brief.  You might have missed it or not.  But one of the new habits she’s adopted is patience.

I mean has the question, how long will my Do Over plan take to complete?  When will I see results? Have those questions or thoughts crossed your mind?  I bring that up because they are questions that I’m frequently asked than to be straight with you. I asked myself those questions every now and then.  I have to remind myself that results happen when results happen.

And I’ve noticed the people that experience the fastest results have one thing in common: they waste no time in worrying what the other guy’s doing nor do they waste too much time worrying about their problems nor do they spend too much time on focusing on when am I going to get results.  They plan their work and they work their plan.  That’s what they have in common.

And recently, very recently, in fact, I’ve been throwing off my plans, maybe you’ve noticed.   I haven’t been here in a while.  As I have a new responsibility in my life. I’ve got a son.  And you know, results are great.  They are what we strive for and they will happen as long as we stay focused and work our plans.

But you know what?  It is okay.  I’ve decided it’s okay if you get off track now and then for the right reasons.  And I say that because I doubt anyone of us in our deathbeds are going to wish we would have worked an extra day or we wished we had worked an extra weekend.

You know I’m reminded of this quote.  I’m not sure of who to give the credit to but it says, “Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.  I’m really confident most of us will look back and wish we would have spend an extra day with our families.  Or we wished we wouldn’t have brushed our friends that one day because we had to work.

You know, there’s a time for work.  There’s a time for you.  There’s a time for those that you care about.  So I ‘m asking you today, check in to see if you’re giving one too much time to do the detriment of another.

Perfectly written.  So here’s your homework assignment.  I want you to call one person that one person you’ve been meaning to call.  Call them just to say hi.  Tell them how awesome they are then ask how they’re doing and then just listen.

I mean that’s one of the greatest gifts that a human can give to another.  That’s their attention.  So that’s your homework.  And in the immortal words of Nike, “Just do it.”

That’s it for today.

God loves you and so do I.  I am Matt, the Do Over guy.  I will see you on the next episode of your Do Over.   Oh, and I promise it won’t be another month until the next episode.  Take care.  Be amazing.

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