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As you’re contemplating “how to get success” when starting over in life, there’s one thing that you should do before anything else. For if you do… your “do over” will move forward with greater speed and be much more enjoyable than those that ignore this step. Actually, independent studies have proven this to be so. And not only will your “do over” be more fun and progress faster the studies show you’ll make more money too! Which is never really a bad thing, right? On this episode, the Do Over guy shares this underestimated and often ignored step with you.

As you’re contemplating “how to get success” when starting over in life, there’s one thing that you should do before anything else.  For if you do… your “do over” will move forward with greater speed and be much more enjoyable than those that ignore this step.  Actually, independent studies have proven this to be so.  And not only will your “do over” be more fun and progress faster the studies show you’ll make more money too!  Which is never really a bad thing, right?  On this episode, the Do Over guy shares this underestimated and often ignored step with you.




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Matt:  Hey, this is Matt, “The Do Over Guy,” and this is Your Do Over: Episode 41.

Announcer: During an era where countless people, businesses, and organizations are feeling the pinch, running out of time, running out of money, losing confidence, feeling as if life is unfair, praying for another chance and unless something is done, life is going to pass them by. Life is going to pass them by.

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Matt:  Welcome to Your Do Over, coming to you live from downtown Los Angeles. This is the place where I show people who want more out of life, people dissatisfied with their current situation, how to start over and begin a new life, setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest.

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Okay.  On with today’s episode, it’s part 3 of how to get success when starting over in life.  Today’s subject is really one of my favorites, as I believe if done properly, nothing will move along your path of success as fast it will.

It is a mentor.  And of course, good education, some skills, and some talent they are essential. They are all essential with regard with how to get success in your Do Over.  But for most people, school is over with and the parameters of their talents are set.  Basically on the day they were born.  Their skills can certainly be developed but how do you get success especially if you need to get it fast?

You get a mentor.  In fact, you get a team of mentors if you can for the purpose of the right advice and the guidance and always having a sample of what success looks like. I mean oftentimes, it’s a great help to have a mentor even if it’s from a distance just to always a reminder that success or the success that you pursue is always possible.

Just having a visual representation will ultimately impact your results.  Many independent studies concluded that people that have mentors experience greater results including making more money and making it much more faster at a younger age than those that do not.

Additionally, much of this research shows that those who have had mentors are faster with their progress and they derive greater pleasure from their lives and their work. But you know finding a mentor can be a challenge and I know because al to of you emailed me about that, how do I find a mentor?

You know, for the fortunate, mentors can be found through a privileged network of relatives, family, family friends, parents, business associates, college professors, or maybe even your next-door neighbor.  I don’t know depending on the neighborhood you live in, I guess.

For every one else, however, the search can require an extreme amount of patience, clear focus, and the self-confidence to actually approach a potential mentor.  I mean not everyone can depend on nepotism.  Right?  Mentors are just important for starting over so how to get success as you’re starting over in life.  You got to find a mentor.  I highly recommend that.

I recommend probably as the very first thing that you do.  I mean they’re essential to rising through the ranks and experiencing greater achievement.  Now one of the easiest ways to attract a mentor is to develop a reputation to that of an over-achiever or someone that works hard, someone that goes the extra mile, someone that asks for nothing in return.

People of achievement are attracted to people like them.  Even if those people that they’re attracted have yet to achieve what they want to achieve but if you’re going to be proactive about finding a mentor.  Here are 7 tips.

One, you got to be clear.  You got to be clear as to why you want a mentor. I mean is it advice and guidance that you’re looking for?  Is it a connection to the movers and the shakers in the industry that you’re looking for?  Or is it just someone to bounce ideas off of?  You got to be clear.

The second tip, tip 2: look for somebody that has the type of lifestyle that you would like to have.  Look at all aspects of their life.  I mean, for example, their family, the neighbor hood they live in, the car that they drive, the people that which they associate, their character traits, their personality, their emotional stability.

Do they have the life that you want?  Or do they have the life that you want but they appear stressed out all the time?  Or they not have everything that you want but they appear to be happy all the time?

I mean, be careful with this one because more times than not if you do what they do, if you take their advice, you’re likely to get what they got.  So look at all aspects of their life.

Three, when asking someone to be your mentor, explain why you’re asking and what you would actually expect out of the relationship. I mean let the person know the reasons as to why you are asking them.  Don’t be afraid to be flattering.   I mean flattering might not get you everywhere but it will get you more places than indifference.

Four, before asking someone to be your mentor, consider asking just a question or two to see what they have to say.  After ask yourself, how did that go?  Was that good advice?  Was it delivered in a way that made sense to me?  Did it fill me confidence and energy?

I mean those are the types of things that you wanted to do so don’t be afraid to give them a little test by asking them one or two little questions first.

Tip 5, one of my favorites, it’s my favorite because I think it’s the best way a mentor’s undivided attention after you have identified who your ideal mentor is.  Look for ways that you reciprocate or even better look for ways that you can help that person first.  I mean at the very least, spring for lunch as often as you can.  Send a gift of gratitude when you feel grateful and just really always maintain an attitude of gratitude.  Never let your mentor feel taken for granted.  I mean, one of the greatest gifts that you can give a mentor to report back and share your feedback and the results that their advisor guidance has created for you.

Mentors are all people for that matter love hearing their part in a success story.  They’ll be inclined help you further.

Tip 6:  be careful as to not adopt a sidekick or a mentee mentality.  Don’t become too dependent on your mentor.  I mean the intent is that one day you’ll eventually be a mentor.  To be a mentor, you’ll need to fly on your own.  If the opportunity presents itself, I mean you want to surpass your mentor.  It’s okay you do that so continue to think for yourself in that relationship.

Tip 7, I kind of eluded in this in the beginning, don’t limit to just one mentor.  The mentor relationship can work in any area of your life.  Maybe the best business mentors are not going to be the best relationship mentor.

That person is not going to be the best health mentor.  I mean you just might not find the mentor that represents everything that you want out of life.  Now a strong community of people doing what you want to do that have what you want to have can collectively be an amazing mentor.  That whole community can act like a mentor.

I mean I really just went through this process myself recently.  The reason being is that I’m currently creating an online real estate investing training program of which when I got started I just didn’t slightest clue. I just knew I wanted to create it.

I searched high and low. Every possible place I could find to find someone that was doing it or someone that had done it.  I found that person on Twitter of all places.

So that kind of leads us to where do you find a mentor. I gave you 7 tips of what you want to do once you find the person but where do you find one?  Here are some ideas.

Industry associations, online communities. I love  Check out  Check out Chamber of Commerce. All of your Chambers have an online presence now.

Look at your church, great people at church, networking communities.  Look at your local business owners.

Look at volunteering. Look for opportunities to volunteer because that’s really where you are going to shine in your best light where you are going to be the best person that you are when you are volunteering for a good cause.  You’ll meet all kinds of amazing people.

They’re going to notice as a great person because you’re there volunteering.  Look at the S.B.A.  The S.B.A.  Or the Small Business Association is a good source.  Retirees can be an amazing source.  It doesn’t have to be someone who’s actively in the workforce or actively doing what you want to do right now.

It might be someone that was very successful before that did what you want to do now. Then people associated with your hobbies and your interests.  As I found maybe you find that person online.

I found my person on Twitter.  I’ll share with you that experience.  I sent them a tweet and they responded back.  Then he sent me through the indirect message service that Twitter has.  They or he sent his email and his phone number. I sent him an email.  He just happens to be vacationing out here only about an hour drive away from my house.

And I asked him if he wanted to get together.  He said, “sure.  Come on down.”  So he broke away form his family. God bless him.  We met and I just started to ask questions.  It turned to a 4-hour conversation.  He was so giving with his information that it made an amazing impact on my progress with my project.

So it went really, really, really well.  I’m not sharing with you to show you how easy and simple it is.  I’m sharing that with you to hopefully to get across the point that there’s nothing to be afraid of.  It is easier than it might sound right now to you.

People are much more inclined to help if you’re there to help them.  I came and I did some favors for him as well.  He really appreciated and I appreciated him.  Now we call each other.  Now there’s a relationship there.

Okay.  That’s it for today.  God loves you and so do I.  Speaking of the Almighty, I’d like to leave you with this from Hebrews 6:12, “The ultimate personal development, “we do not want you to become lazy but to imitate those true faith and patience inherit what has been promised.”  I read that because sometimes it’s easy to look at your circumstances in the natural think. I missed my opportunity.  I’m too old.  It’s too late.  I’ve messed too much.

But with the messages from the Ultimate Personal Development book, the Bible, there’s always another opportunity.  He created you on purpose and for purpose.  He is the one who placed those dreams and desires on the inside of you.  He hasn’t give up on those dreams and you shouldn’t either.

Okay?  It’s never too late for God, which means it’s never too late for you.  It’s never too late to be who you might have become.  It’s never too late to do what you might have done.  It’s never too late to have what you might have.  I don’t know about you but I have never heard of a single story not in the Bible nor in our time where God gave someone a dream and fulfilled on it on the same day.

No. Our lives are designed with seasons and processes to build our faith and prepare us for the next step.  It takes faith.  It takes obedience.  It takes patience to see God’s promises come to pass.

Now I speak of God.  That’s my faith.  It’s okay if you have your faith placed somewhere else in another higher power.  Whatever manuscript that accompanies that higher power that you reference, the messages are the same.

So today, no matter where you are in your journey of faith, just focus on moving forward.  God hasn’t given up on you.  The Lord hasn’t given up on you.  The universe hasn’t given up on you.  Trust that He has you in the right place at the right time.  Trust that.  He is working all things together for your good.

Trust that new doors are opening.  Just because one closed doesn’t mean it’s the end.  New doors are opening.  Look for them.  Choose faith and patience.  You will inherit his promises because you know it’s just never too late for you to embrace the good things God has in store for you.

I am Matt, the Do Over guy.  I will see you on the next episode of your Do Over.

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