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Achieve GoalsMatt’s been away continuing work on his own “Do Over.” During his recent ventures he was reminded of three approaches to busting through barriers.  On this episode, he shares three approaches to a Quantum Leap in Your Do Over.  Get the Three Pillars to Creating the Ultimate Do Over at

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Matthew Theriault:  Hey, this is Matt, “The Do Over Guy,” and today is a great day for your Do Over and it’s Episode 52.

Announcer: During an era where countless people, businesses, and organizations are feeling the pinch, running out of time, running out of money, losing confidence, feeling as if life is unfair, praying for another chance and unless something is done, life is going to pass them by. Life is going to pass them by.

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Matt: Welcome to Your Do Over, the place where I show people who want more out of life, people dissatisfied with their current situation, how to start over and begin a new life setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth and live life to the fullest. You can get your do over started fast with the solid foundation by downloading the Three Pillars of creating the ultimate Do Over and you can get that for free at It’s a 55-minute mp3 audio program that I made just for you with three specific steps on how to get success as you start over and that’s yours for free at

Okay. Hello.  It’s been a while.  I’m glad to be back.  I am back to my regular production schedule as well. I just want to thank all of you that had reached out to me during the last few months, sharing your concerns and sharing your anticipation and sharing your great stories.

I mean I love getting your emails, hearing about your pursuits, hearing about your challenges, and hearing about triumphs. I mean I believe I responded to everybody.  If I missed you, it wasn’t on purpose. It’s merely because I just didn’t see it so feel free to send me an email or resend an email to [email protected][email protected][email protected].  I will get to your email. Okay?

So little explanation as to where I’ve been, you see my own Do Over is far from complete. I mean if it’ll be ever complete I don’t know but it’s not complete. I’ve had some exciting developments in my professional life.

Some opportunities that required undivided attention.  Today I want to share some of my recent experiences as I buttered up against many of the same barriers and the same obstacles and the same challenge that you face on a daily basis.

I mean it’s just the nature being on the court and playing a big game, playing your game and playing all out, playing to win. I mean we’re all human beings.  Nobody is exempt from compliancy. Nobody is exempt from fear or lack of motivation or lack of focus or procrastination.

I mean all that stuff that gets in the way. I mean even the Do Over guy is not exempt or I should say especially the Do Over guy is not exempt. I mean it’s actually how much of this Do Over guy stuff came about.

I mean my book and this podcast. I mean it had a lot to do with the distinction. If you really want to learn something, go teach it as soon as you learn it and keep teaching it.  When you keep teaching it and you do it over and over again, it really becomes a part of you hear you.

It doesn’t become just some cool information, some knowledge in your head that you have that you can without a cocktail parties or nothing like a cocktail party. It actually becomes a part of you.

It’s when you actually start to implement it. So I challenge you, I mean whenever you hear something on this show or anywhere for that matter.  Whenever you hear something that really resonates with you, go out and teach it to somebody as soon as possible.

Now as I’ve been continuing my Do Over. I just stop and coach myself through some stuff. I got stopped several times in the past few months. I got stopped by uncertainty. I got stopped by fear of the future or specifically fear of the unknown future.  That’s a really biggie for me.

I always need to know what’s going to happen. I hate not knowing. It’s the not knowing as the worst part. Anyway, I just want to share with you what I had to coach myself through along with some other interesting observations over the last few months.

Collectively, there are three distinctions that are stopping you from getting what you want or stopping you from getting at least as much as whatever it is that you want. I mean how would you know they’re stopping you? Because you’re human. They stop all humans.

Like I said, no one is exempt. No one is immune. It’s stopping you I promise. Either a little bit or a lot and depending on which one resonates with you the most, I don’t know which one is going to really click and be able to impact your life but I know all three of them will to some capacity.

Now as I’ve openly shared here is you know I’ve been working building a second stream of income, a second stream of passive income within an online business. I’ve been trying out some affiliate Internet marketing.

I’m using my online real estate investing Academy as the launch of this venture. I shared that and had launched awhile back when I had the Internet Mastery guys on, Jay and Sterling.

And you know I paid to become a member of their Academy.  I immersed myself in it. I followed their instructions step by step although they were long and slow steps that was just the pace that I was moving but it eventually launched.

But what I didn’t tell anybody was that I had only completed the first lesson of the Academy when I actually launched it. I mean the Academy was really nothing but air when I actually launched and was collecting money for the membership.

And my friend, Steven Gregg, who become a back on actually the show very soon. He calls it “selling air sandwiches with slices of wind.” But I don’t, don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one. I wasn’t being sneaky. I was actually implementing a specific distinction or a technique of how you can get things done.

What I was implementing was a technique or strategy or you might have heard it.  Actually you have heard this because we’ve talked about this before on the show. It’s throwing your hat over the wall.  Just making such a huge commitment that you can’t afford not to fail.

That succeeding will be less painful than you failing so you are more inclined to succeed when you do that.  You see, I’ve been tinkering with this Real Estate Academy for over a year and making very little progress.

I finally got to the point where I was sick and tired of talking about it. I mean I was sick and tired listening to myself talk about it. I mean God knows my girlfriend was sick and tired of hearing me talk about it.

So I had to coach myself through it. It was something I really wanted but I just wasn’t following through. I didn’t know what was actually in the way. After I just did some soul searching or some real introspection, looking into myself, it really just came down to laziness.

You see when the passive income from my real estate when it pays all of my bills, it is really easy for me to get complacent and lazy.

And that’s, I’m not done yet. I want to accomplish more.  Yes. I got my bills paid but there is lot more to life. There’s more that I can, there’s so much I haven’t done yet. There’s so much that I don’t have yet that I want.

And I’m not even the person that I want to become yet, you know. Who knows if I’ll ever achieve all of that but I’m certainly not there now. So I just fired under my butt to really get me going. I’d light a fire under my own butt.

So what I did was I threw my hat over the wall. I sold a comprehensive 10-lesson course of which one lesson would be released each week to the members so I accepted people’s Academy fees.

And having only one lesson complete with that, I just stayed one week ahead of my members. I had to complete this. I had a specific timeline of which I had to complete it in. I threw my hat over the wall. I had to go get the hat.

Failure was not an option. To make it even more intense, I mean I didn’t plan on this. This just kind of happen and it tends to happen, this type of stuff will come and it will light a bigger fire when you do make a commitment like that.

You see the very first member that joined the Academy was on my ass the whole time. Excuse my language. That’s what it felt like. Mr. Brady Miller.  Mr. Brady Miller, if you’re out there. I’ve got this really strong love and hate relationship with you.

And Brady would send me an email to let me know that I was late on my lesson. I remember when he sent me the first email. He let me know I was six hours late with Lesson Two.

He was like, I paid my fee. Where is the lesson? Now I was like, uh oh. (laughing) It’s on now. I have to stay up to date. Brady is out there.  I knew that for the next 10 weeks, there would be no rest.

Brady did not let me rest. I mean I had to have the new lesson of the week up by Sunday at midnight each week.  Just knowing Brady was out there somewhere waiting for me, I had this image of Brady sitting there on Sunday night sitting, refresh, refresh, refresh on his computer (and) waiting for the new lesson to pop up. I just knew he was just checking up on me.

Hence, I have to get each lesson done. Many of those lessons took me right down the wire. I mean I gave up every single weekend of those 10 weeks. Actually it took me 12 weeks.  But Brady let up on week 11 and week 12.

You know I’ve worked all day Saturday and then I would be exhausted but I still wasn’t done. I had to complete it on Sunday. Then it got down to 9 o’clock at night. I worked all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I wasn’t done. I had three hours to go. I had to get it done.

That’s all is the result of me throwing my hat over the wall. But you know what? Because I did it that way. In the 10 to 12 weeks, I had accomplished what I was unable to do the entire previous year. I made a commitment.

I threw my hat over the wall. I had to go get it. My reputation was on the line. My money went on the line. I mean I didn’t give anyone an excuse to ask for a refund. That was my big fear. That was my big, I was like, oh my God, if they ask for refund would mean I failed.

Now the Academy is essentially done. I never have to go through that again. I just had to build it once. And you know I’ll always be modifying. I’m going through enhancing and refining right now.

I’ll always be adding advanced content. I’m going to add one advanced module every quarter but it’s done. Okay? It’s done. I never have to go through that type of pressure again.

Now I have a second stream of passive income. There are members in there that are paying a membership monthly fee to me each and every single month. God bless them.  Thank you.

So the lesson here is not “oh, look at me. Look at what I did.” No.  The lesson here is where in your life you have been putting something off that’s really important to you. What have you wanted to accomplish for a long time and you just can’t seem to get it done.

You might have started multiple times. It’s just not panning out the way you want. You’re not making the progress that you want.  So how can you put something on the line?

How can you throw your hat over the wall and get it done?  So that’s number one.  Think it through.  Where in your life can you throw your hat over the wall?  And when you throw your hat over the wall, I mean for this to work it has to scare you.

It has to be scary to throw that hat over the wall. If it doesn’t scare you that hat didn’t make all the way over.  It probably gets to the top and bounce back. I mean you got to throw your best hat over the wall as well.

It’s got to really terrify you. You got to put yourself in the position to where you have to climb that wall and go get it or you got to crawl under it or you got bust through it or you got to go round it but you got to get the hat to the other side of the wall by any means necessary.

This is a really great technique in getting things done. Now I’ve used this several times in my Do Over.  It works every time.  Okay?  So where in your life, this is number one, where in your life can you throw your hat over the wall to get something done that’s really important to you?

All right.  The next distinction, as I was going through this process, I was trying to manage every thing equally in my life.  I just spread myself way too thin. I had to coach myself through energy dispersed versus focused energy.

Now energy dispersed being that walking outside on a nice spring day and feeling that nice warm sun on your face. It’s nice.  It’s comfortable.  It’s pleasant.  No harm. But focused energy being that same sunlight on that same spring day passing through a magnifying glass being focused through a magnifying glass to the point where it can burn a hold into something like a leaf, for example.

That same sunlight has much more power when it’s focused. It can actually burn a hole when it’s focused.  And our brains, our thoughts, and our actions, they all work in precisely the same way.

When our thoughts are dispersed, there’s no power.  When our thoughts are focused, there’s power. When our actions are dispersed, no power. When our actions are focused, power.

So armed with that distinction, I had to eliminate a few things momentarily. One of those things was this podcast so I took a break to focus more energy on where I had made a commitment. I had made a commitment where I threw that hat over the wall.

I’m sorry I don’t have time for a podcast when I got to get over this wall by any means necessary.  Brady is out there waiting for me. Because I was so focused not only did I get the job in time, I did a really great job.

I mean completing the Epic Pro Academy and watching it all the way through from Lesson One and going through all the different sessions and all the way through 10. I mean I’m really proud of it. It totally exceeded expectations.

And it’s all because I focused my energy. It wasn’t because I was special but because my energy was focused. And it came out better than I originally envisioned it.  So that’s what’s next for you. That’s the second mark.

Where are you spreading yourself too thin? What can you eliminate from your life? Even if it’s a temporary elimination to give more of your focus to what’s really important to you.

Where are you have been stepping? Where are you putting forth a half effort that really deserves your full and complete steps?  I mean don’t take this lightly either because what I’ve noticed is over time that half stepping, doing a half ass job doesn’t half produce half results.

It typically produces much less. I mean so we’ve all got that stuff that takes up our time that doesn’t serve us or it’s not the best use of our time. There’s a term in real estate called the “highest and best use for a property.”

When you are in a busy intersection, you got to a lot of vacant lot in the corner that busy intersection, what is the highest and best use for that vacant lot. You know, it probably wouldn’t be a single family residence.  Not a great place for single family residence.

Probably wouldn’t sell much on a busy street. (It) wouldn’t generate an income or the highest income possible there. But maybe you build a convenience store now all of a sudden, now we’re talking; now we got the highest and best use. Now it’s actually going to generate a profit.  So that’s what I mean.

So what is the highest and best use of your time? And you know there are stuff, there’s just so much stuff out there that doesn’t serve us or if it doesn’t serve you very well but it’s something that needs to get done, how can you delegate that? What can delegate? Who can do that for you?

What can you outsource? What can you remove from your plate so you can focus your highest and best use? I become a huge fan of outsourcing. You know if you think you can’t afford to outsource the menial tasks in your life. I challenge you that you can’t afford not to.

I mean if you can’t afford to outsource, that’s more than likely the exact reason why you must outsource to maintain your focus because that focused energy, that focused mind, that focused action are powerful. I mean it’s dispersed then no power.

I’m not going to go all the way through outsourcing in this episode.  We’ve done that before but get yourself a copy of the 4-hour Work Week. That’s where I was first exposed to outsourcing and I’ve been an outsourcing fanatic ever since.

Okay. So back on track. The point here is to focus your energy. Do a check up with yourself to see if your energy is so dispersed that you’re lacking power and not just the important things that you’re doing in everything that you’re doing. That’s typically how it ends up.

Okay? Just check up with yourself. Check in on yourself and see if you got too much stuff on your plate. What can you eliminate? What can you delegate?

Okay so here’s the third distinction. All right. So inside of Internet marketing, they have something called “affiliate marketing.” What that is you can market someone else’s product or service and earn a commission.  It can be extremely lucrative as most affiliate programs pay 50% commission or more.

You know that’s really enough just to find not creating your product. I mean why would you want to go all through the trouble and the hassle of the creation of it and the shipping, the managing of the customers, and all that stuff.

Why would you want to do all that if you can make 50% to 75% off of someone else’s product? But the challenge is in the industry of personal development, for example, like this show and real estate investing or really anything that has to do with making money, there’s so much crap in the marketplace that trying to make affiliate marketing their primary income source in that genre or that space or that industry.

It’s likely to be a very short lived career. As sooner or later, your crowd or the people in you’re marketing to is going to get hit to that you’re selling crap. They might buy the first one that they like. They might even buy the second one and give you a second chance but if you sell them crap the first two times, you know, you might get a third sale but that fourth and the fifth, your business is dead.

So after recognizing that in the personal development industry and the real estate investing industry is that’s when I decided to create my own product the one that I could stand behind. I’m going to continue to create my own product.

Because that’s just what I want to bottle up and market what is in my head. And no one really sees the same way I see it so I’m committed to doing that. That’s why I created the Epic Pro Academy. I created my own real estate investing education product because there wasn’t really anything out there that I could put my name behind that I could put my reputation behind.

And I also declared to myself I would not recommend any product or service unless I found value in it for me first. I mean I have to make the purchase whether it was a product or service.

I had to implement and use it. I had to get positive results for me to ever recommend it.  And I’m happy to say that not everything out there is crap. Most of it but not every thing out there is crap.

You know REIC company owned by Kris Crohn (has) great service. Everyone that I know that I’ve referred to his service has success.  Everyone.  I know for certain at least a dozen of you listening to this show right now have dropped down $10,000 or more for Kris’ top package.  You’re pleased with the service as well.

And if there’s anybody out there that has gotten involved based on the recommendation from the show and you’re less than satisfied. Send me an email. Send me an email so I can rectify the situation but everybody that I know that’s gotten involved with REIC with Kris Krohn.

They’re loving their experience and they all have purchased at least one property. Everybody crossed the board. The same goes for the Og Mandino Program I promoted in the beginning of the show. I mean, everyone that I know that is gone through the Og Mandino Program has been extremely pleased with their experience there. I got amazing value from both of those groups so I felt very comfortable in referring and recommending them to you.

All that to say, of the thousands of affiliate programs there are out there to promote, those are the only two I’ve been very comfortable to put my name and reputation behind. Oh, and the Internet Business Masteries guys, those guys are awesome too so I had them on the show.

Now, just recently, a program was brought to my attention. I didn’t even know it was a program. It was a service that I had paid for and got amazing results for but I didn’t know there was even an affiliate relation attached to it.

I just learned of that this past maybe three weeks ago. I was very excited to promote it. I’m not going to even name it right now because I don’t want the point I want to make out of this to get confused with a subtle or indirect promotion.

I’m not going to even name it. So, there’s a saying in the internet marketing industry, “Sell them what they want, but give them what they need.” When I first heard that, I was actually a little insulted. I’m like, people, of which I consider myself to be one, a people, a person, it’s like, people aren’t smart enough to purchase what they need. They have to almost be duped into purchasing what they need.

They have to be sold all the sugar on top for them to make the purchase. That was insulting to me at first but you know, then when I got to thinking about it, I guess there isn’t much harm in it as long as the customer is actually getting what they need.

For example, when it’s done right, P90X, the exercise program you see on TV. It’s been running for a few years now. They’re out there selling the people what they want. You see the rock hard abs, the firm butt. You see the tight bodies and the big biceps. You see all that stuff that you want and when you make the purchase, what do you get in the mail? You get a rigorous exercise program.

What you need, okay, that rigorous exercise program is going to produce the results that you want. Now, the other way when this is done wrong, you see the nice firm body on TV that you want. You make the purchase and what comes in the mail, a bottle of pills. A fat blocker or a carb blocker or the belly fat burner pill or whatever that gets-skinny pill of the moment is.

I can even say that gets-skinny pill of the moment is, you know why? You know why I know they don’t work? Because they stopped advertising them. They stopped marketing them, they get repackaged later on. It’s something else or the next thing or the next gimmick. That’s selling people what they want but giving them what they don’t need. Something that’s not going to work. That’s when it’s done wrong. Anyway, okay, I got so sidetracked.

Anyway, this affiliate program that was brought to my attention is something that every tax paying American absolutely needs. I mean, if they want to significantly increase their W2 take home pay. They need this. With this affiliate program they supplied six pre-written emails.

I didn’t have to do the work. They just gave me the emails, load them up to your little marketing machine, send them out on a time release and boom, you’re going to make money. I looked at these emails; it was kind of a no-brainer. Great.

All I got to do is queue them up and hit send. So I read the emails and of course, these pre-written emails were selling people what they want. A lot of hype, a lot of fluff and I debated as to whether I should use their emails or should I just write my own. But being a product of this product that I was going to represent turned out I did represent, I felt that they have left out a lot of great information.

I mean a lot of awesome stuff that I got out of this program that people would really want. It wasn’t in there. It wasn’t in these hyped emails.  I mean I didn’t think this product needed any hype to sell it.

It seemed like it would sell itself. Anyway as I contemplate as to what to do about these emails, I thought since the product is what they need it doesn’t really matter why they eventually buy it just as long as they buy it.

They’re going to be better for it. I mean whatever the reason, I had 100% confidence and that there would be 100% customer satisfaction. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I even put my own guarantee there.

I mean I was getting paid a 50% commission on this product and I guaranteed 100% of the purchase price. That means I would also be responsible for my partners’ portion.  That’s how confident I was.

So I decided to conduct my own little experiment. I was sent out of their pre-written fluff emails. I’d send out three of my own factual personal testimonial emails (about) what I actually got out of the product and how amazing it was for me.

It was just a 72-hour promotion. I was like, okay, let’s test it. Let’s see what happens so I loaded all six emails into my marketing machine to be time-released. Thursday morning, the first one landed.

It was one of the fluffy emails that went out first and almost immediately boom! A sale. Boom! Another. Boom! Another. And it kept going and it seemed to slow down a little bit and then 12 hours later, the next email went out.

Now this one was one of my personal testimonial emails, sharing the results that I personally got from this product.  And it was from the heart, it was like, this is how awesome this is.

I got at least a dozen unsubscribed emails calling me a “scammer,” calling me a “liar”, a “pig.” “slime,” among other names.  I mean one guy said that he lost all respect for me in my Do Over story.

Another said I knew you were too good to be true and unsubscribed.  I couldn’t believe it. The fluffy emails go sales. The honest and truthful pissed off a bunch of people.  So 12 hours later, out goes the second fluffy email and boom! A sale. Boom! A sale and another.

It kept going. Now I’m really scratching my head here.  It’s fluffy. That’s not me. I don’t do it. I don’t do fluffy. I do “let’s get to the point.  Let’s get to the facts.” And then 12 hours when the next honest and truthful email went out. More unsubscribed by another dozen or so.

This pattern that repeated itself through the entire promotion, you know, I still didn’t know what to do about it as sending out fluffy emails just ain’t my thing.  I mean pursuit of this happy medium.

I mean none of that is the point. The reason I went to this long explanation of this 72-hour affiliate promotion is that I wanted to draw your attention to a distinction called “all ready, always listening.” All ready, always listening.

It’s a pre-judging so to speak.  It’s taking past experiences and putting those into your future on completely unrelated experiences.   Your brain somehow connects the two and it makes decision based on that.

Two occurrences or the two experiences have absolutely nothing to do with each other. It gets created in all of us that the inside of the box that we live in when that gets created. If you don’t know what the box is, go back and listen I think it was Episode 26.

Episode 26, episode 26 but this all ready always listening was showing up as when you hear something that seems too good to be true of which would be the results I personally received, the results I was sharing they were too good to be true. It was amazing.

I didn’t know you could do this with the tax code. I didn’t know you could get all that money back. People thought I was lying. It sounded too good to be true.  And when you hear those results that seemed too good to be true, they are immediately dismissed as false because of past experience where you heard something similar.

Since they turned out to be false then they must be false now. Because of this all ready always listening, it cost you opportunities in life.  Often times, life-changing opportunities. I’m not speaking about the products I was trying to sell through these emails although it would be life changing if you got to keep a lot of your money.

I mean anyone purchased it experience life changes. No doubt about it but I’m speaking specifically of relationships. Relationship primarily, your most valued relationships like your significant other, like your parents, like your children, and identifying your own already always listening can be very difficult. I mean it’s very difficult to detect as it lives in our blind spot for most people.

It is a blind spot where you can’t really see it. Someone kind of asked to come along a point and point it out to you. So here I am, I’m pointing it out to you but here’s a way that you can kind of get the gist where you can see it a little bit.

So here’s your homework assignment for you. So today, tonight, tomorrow whatever, whenever you see your significant other or if you happen to be in between others at the moment. Try to switch your parents. Try it with your best friend. Or here’s a good place to try it. Try it with somebody at work you don’t like too much.

Okay? Next time you see whoever you are going to choose for this exercise. Listen to them as it’s the first time you ever listened to them. Listen to them as it’s the first time you ever met them.

I mean do you remember when the first few days that you had with that special someone. I mean you were likely hanging on their every word.  You were excited. You were curious. You were interested.

They likely had your total, undivided attention. They had your attention because you haven’t developed an already always listening for them yet. And slowly, the more time you spend together down the road you start to notice their patterns. You start to notice their idiosyncrasies and you stop listening to what they say.

You start filling in the blanks. You start reading between the lines. You start making assumptions. You start assuming what they’re going to say and then your mind, you’re finishing their sentences.

Sometimes you’re finishing their sentences and it’s not even what they said.  I know this has happened to everybody. You know why? Because I know this has happened to everybody because every single one of you has had a significant other that has accused you of something like that.

And it gets to a point, you know, 20 or 30 years of a long term marriage I mean you can’t even hear the person anymore.  That’s your already always listening getting in the way.  It destroys relationships. It steals opportunity.

So those are the three distinctions that I wanted to share with you today that I experienced one when I was down on the court these last few months playing my game and working on my Do Over.

First, where in life can you throw your hat over the wall to get something really important that you accomplished. Working can really put your butt on the line.  Working and you play all out as if your life depended on it. What’s going on in your life that that’s important to you?

That you’re willing to play that big of a game so your life, we’re not here very long. Second, what can you eliminate either temporarily or permanently to allow you to focus your energy on the more important things to you?

How can you narrow that dispersed energy that dispersed focus and just focus that energy into your highest and best use of you? Okay? And the third, I want you to pick someone into your life that’s really important to you.

Someone you’ve known for a long time. And the next time you see or talk to them, pretend inside of yourself, you could be pretending inside. You’re not going to pretend with them. You’re going to pretend inside of yourself that it’s the first time you’ve ever met them.

I want you to be interested in them. I want you to be curious. Be interested in them as you once were. After the meeting, after that initial conversation or that initial gathering or that cup of coffee, whatever it maybe, I want you to recollect. I want you evaluate of what happened there.

And how you felt and how they probably felt. I can almost guarantee you that it’ll be one of the best times you’ve had with that person for as long as you can remember.  And I don’t want you to just do it once. I want you to keep doing it.

I don’t want you to do it with just one person. Do it with everybody. The world will start to show up to you very differently.  Very differently in a very good way.  I mean unexplained good fortune will start to come your way or miracles even. I promise.

Okay? So that’s it for today. Good to be back. I’ll see you very soon. God loves you and so do I. I am Matt, the Do Over guy. I will see you on the next episode of Your Do Over.

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