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Starting over in life is impossible without one specific distinction. If you’re contemplating how to start over, tune into this episode and listen to Matt break it down to the very basic distinction without “doing over” is impossible. You can’t afford to miss this episode.

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Matthew Theriault:  Hey, this is Matt, “The Do Over Guy,” and the time is now for your Do Over and it’s Episode 55.

Announcer: During an era where countless people, businesses, and organizations are feeling the pinch, running out of time, running out of money, losing confidence, feeling as if life is unfair, praying for another chance and unless something is done, life is going to pass them by. Life is going to pass them by.

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Matt: Welcome to Your Do Over, the place where I show people who want more out of life, people dissatisfied with their current situation.  People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired or, you know people that are cool with life but just want more out of it.  This is the place where I show them all how to start over and begin a new life setting goals and objectives so they can create wealth, create financial freedom, create the lives of their dreams, and live that life to the fullest. You can get your do over started fast by laying a solid foundation when you download the Three Pillars of creating the ultimate Do Over and you can get that for free at It’s a 55-minute mp3 audio program that I made just for you with three specific steps on how to get success as you start over and that’s yours for free at

Okay. So I got a few questions for you today.  Do you remember when Michael Jackson won the Artist of the Century award at the American Music Awards?  And the first time President Bush, that would George W., the first time he used the term “access of evil” in reference to regimes that sponsor terror.  Speaking of terror, do you remember John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban? That guy was loco. (laughs)

The Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, do you remember that?  How about when you remember Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol? Do you remember that? That doesn’t seem too long ago, does it?

Here’s one that’s near and dear to my heart, do you remember when that RIAA filed a lawsuit against all Internet users for downloading music online?  Obviously, they weren’t too successful were they? I mean if they had been, who knows? I might not be here right now.

Do you remember when Roy of Siegfried and Roy was attacked by his white tiger? That was crazy. Or when the Department of Homeland Security was created? Or shortly thereafter, the US troops, they captured Baghdad and that giant statue of Saddam Hussein came tumbling down. We all remember that image, right? It was pretty vivid.  That was April of 2003 that was just shy of a decade ago. That was just, whoa, almost exactly nine years ago.

So take a moment and think about all of that. Do you remember where you were when all that stuff was happening? I mean what were you doing? What was life like for you?  Who are you spending most of your time with?  What were you doing for a living?  Were you even working? Who knows?  If someone were of to ask you then, what will you be doing 10 years from now? What would your answer have been?

Are you today doing what you want to do back then?  I mean a decade (fingers snap) can zoom by, can it?  I mean we only have so many decades here on Earth and certainly not enough to squander any of them.  Time is precious but regardless of what your last decade was like whether it was a terrible time for you or even if it was a great decade.  It was a great time.  Whatever it was for you in the past, that’s exactly what it is.  It is the past.  It’s done. It’s over.  There’s nothing we can do about it. It’s gone.

So considering that, the more important thing probably  to focus on is what is your next decade going to look like?  Where do you want to be 10 years from right now?  Who would you be spending most of your time with? Where will you be living?  What would you be doing for a living? Or do you plan on retiring from work by then? You shouldn’t have to retire for life but you can retire from work.

What can you do today that will begin to create that for you? What can you do right now?  You see this next decade, it’s going to happen whether you choose to take control of it, whether you choose to seize it or not. But it’s up to you to create, nobody, absolutely nobody is going to do that for you so when would be a good time to get started?  When would now be a good time to get started?

You know, this week, I received an email. That’s from Gary Conners from Down Under, from Australia.  Isn’t that amazing? I mean I think it’s so amazing. The show work absolutely no effort on my part actually reaches Australia and touches people there.  I mean it’s absolutely impossible a decade ago. I mean iTunes itself was launched just 9 years ago.

I mean a lot can really change in a decade, can it? I mean it can (fingers snap) zoom right by. I mean this is just normal everyday stuff now. It’s a part of life of which many couldn’t even imagine going without their digital music or their audio books or their podcasts of which 10 years ago in the way we consume this information right now wasn’t even a thought to us. I mean maybe it was a thought to Steve Jobs but it wasn’t to us.

We were happy with our CDs at that moment. Right?  We were happy with going to the music store and the Tower Records, the Virgin Records, and buying our stuff.  Anyway, Gary is at the beginning of his Do Over. He is 32 years old and something has happened in his life where he is being forced to do over.  And he sent me an email asking for some advice.  He shared with me that he frequently gets disheartened and frustrated. He slips back into old habits.  The common emotions when you are doing over when things are going good and now they’re not going so good right now. And right now, he is working an unrewarding job. He feels really that he has so much more to offer the world and he feels his life is just passing by. He feels he’s wasting his life away.

He mentioned that he can really relate to my experience of that one day when I went out to the car and I put my head on the steering wheel.  I started to cry. I was a grown man.  34 years old.  (I was a) Little older than Gary so that’s good news for you, Gary, if you’re listening.  You got a two-year jump on me.

I started to cry. It was a really low point in my life. Now I’ve shared that several times on the show.  You know, Gary, he was very generous in his comments to me and very complimenting of the show.  He is very grateful for the show.

Apparently, it touched him, affected him in many positive ways but the email, it did have an overall sad and almost helpless feeling to it.  He’s also under the misconception that it’s going to take two years to bounce back.  That was the number he gave so I had to reply. I mean I replied to all of my emails but I have to address this one ASAP. It just kind of called to me and spoke to me. I responded to him. I was like, Gary, you know, you can view this turning point right now in your life in one of two ways.  This goes for you too.  This goes for you right now listening to me.

You can be sad for what you’ve lost or you can be happy and excited and celebrate for what you can get to have now.  I mean nothing in life is permanent: the good or the bad so what you are experiencing right now will pass but the good news is the best is yet to come.

You know,  and no, it doesn’t have to take two years either.  You know that one day when I had my head on the steering wheel, feeling sorry for myself, I discovered a power. It was a distinction, a power that seems to be common knowledge but sometimes you know when you actually take a power or you take a distinction and you actually implement it then you really get it like “aha!, now I get it.”

It’s a power of which I’ve used ever since to transform really every area of my life. I’ve re-created my professional to one that is so much more gratifying  than my previous profession, my spiritual life to that where I continue to expand my relationship to God on a daily basis.

My family life to that of which I never even wanted kids before, that was never in the cards for me.  No way. I didn’t want them.  Now it seems to have been exactly what has always really been missing for me. I can’t believe I am saying that because if you had asked me that two years ago, I would have told you, you were crazy.  Even my physical health, I’m finally on the right track. I’ve shared that with you many times on the show. That’s been my one challenge. You know what? I found a path and I’m enjoying every single second of it and having lost 20 pounds already this year.

And so far, still going. I’m not done yet.  You know this power is dramatically increased my level of confidence. Therefore, it has increased my ability to take massive action around my goals and my dreams therefore produce profound results, profound positive results.

And this single power or distinction, rather, catapult to me from a moment of complete and utter despair, of feeling alone and insignificant and like a “has been” that hits 34, crying in the middle of the day in the parking lot. I mean I was really a pathetic case. I was all the way to a place of, it’s just, and I get a little emotional when I think about how of, how it actually looked from the outside looking in.

But I remember how real it was to me in the inside and looking back there really, you know, I had my whole life ahead of me. I couldn’t even see it.  This power, it has brought me all the way to a place of complete gratitude. Understanding that the best in life has yet to even happen for me.  That’s my belief.  I mean with wisdom comes appreciation, with appreciation comes gratitude.

And you see with gratitude, it’s a very unique emotion because there’s not a single negative emotion that can co-exist with gratitude. I mean when you are feeling gratitude, you can’t feel sorry for yourself.  When you are feeling gratitude, you can’t be scared.  When you’re feeling gratitude, you can’t be mad. You can’t be angry.  You can’t be bitter.  Gratitude is very unique in that way.  When you are genuinely feeling it, nothing else can exist that it’s in a negative nature with that. The more things in life of which you can even be genuinely grateful for.  The better life is going to occur for you.  and it’s this one distinction that I use on a daily basis to keep my Do Over moving forward.

I explained in a couple of shows ago, I’m not done yet.  I’m continuing to shape my life.  It’s this one distinction that  allows me to control how it’s shaped.  So what I am speaking is it’s, you know, if we want to control how our lives are shaped, we must take control of our actions but not just any actions, our consistent action.

You know it’s not what we do every now and then that’s going to determine your destiny or where you end up but it’s what we do consistently that will.   What we do day in and day out that’s going to, you know, really manifest our destiny.  It’s going to determine where we go in life and how it turns out for us.  And the distinction to which I am referring is, what’s at the core of our actions?  What determines the actions or consistent actions that we take rather.

I mean those actions, they determine, you know, who we become also.  And who will be able to help and where we will stand tomorrow.  And where we will stand once it’s all said and done.  What precedes all of our action?  Well everything that happens in your life.  Both the good and the bad were given birth to by a decision.  Decisions that’s the distinction to which I speak.  It’s the daily decisions, the weekly decisions, the monthly decisions, and the annual decisions.

The decisions that you are making right now that will shape that next decade for you. I mean if you right now are a result of all of the decisions that you made in your life.  You will be a result in 10 years of all of the decisions that you make from this moment forward.  Here’s what I mean.  You know the moment in the car where I left alone and worthless.  In an instant, I mean an absolute instant, I made a decision that I was so much better than what I was displaying. I made a decision that I wasn’t just going to be thinking it in my mind but I was actually going to do something about it.

I’ve been sitting around for a year thinking a lot, hoping a lot, wishing a lot, praying a lot but I was seriously, seriously lacking in the doing a lot. So I made a decision that I was going to do something about. I was going to do over.

And yes, it may have taken me a year to make that decision but that decision in all reality was really made in an absolute instant, in an instant. It was made that quick.  And Gary, that what’s I mean when I wrote back to you saying, it doesn’t have to take two years to bounce back.  Decide now. And you too, you too listening to me.  Decide right now. You don’t have to gear for it.  You don’t have to prepare for it.  There’s no getting ready to get ready.  Just do it.  Decide.  Decide right now.  Decide to take control of your next decade.  It’s going to happen whether you choose to make that decision or not.  I mean decide regardless of what your last decade was like.  Decide the next one is going to be twice as good if not more three times, four times, ten times as good.  That’s just a decision.

And you know, it’s no secret that Tony Robbins is somewhat a role model or again a hero to me. I just really resonate with him and what he has to say. I owe a great deal to him anyway.  You know, he has a quote on his book, Awaken the Giant Within of which I recommend everybody get a copy and read at least once a year. I read it twice a year for the last, I think, four or five years at least once a year.

But he says that, you know, most people they overestimate what they can do in a year but they completely underestimate what they can do in a decade.  That is so exciting to me when I think about that.

As big as my dreams are and as big as your dreams are, you’re shooting way too low.  We are so underestimating ourselves. I mean isn’t that exciting to know that you’re capable of so much more.  You’re capable of, regardless of what you think you’re capable of, you’re capable of more.  That’s exciting to me.  It should be exciting to you.

I mean you are a human being, alive and well. A human being that possesses God’s second greatest gift, you have that free and clear.  You already own it.  It’s yours.  You have it right now.  It’s the gift of free will, the power to decide for yourself, the power to shape your next decade.

Yeah.  Sure.  I know.  You’re different.  Right? You have reasons as to you can’t shape your life.  You have excuses.  You have conditions.  You have all the stuff that makes you different. Right?

Sure, Matt. I mean everyone else can shape their decade but you don’t understand my situation. I have a unique situation that is different for me.  Well I have two words for you.  Hog, wash.  You and I know there are countless people who are born with advantages.  Right?

I mean the silver spoon in their mouths, the genetics, the environment, the relationships, the supporting parents, and all the advantages that make life easy for them. We know lots of people like that.

On the other hand, though, you and I know people who have against all odds with seemingly every disadvantage in the world.  We’ve seen them completely bust through and exceed all expectations.  I mean exceed what was thought to be their limitations.

I mean these examples, they’re super easy to find now too. I mean if you don’t know anybody, okay. Go to YouTube. After you’re done listening to this of course.  And search for Nick Vujicic, the guy with no arms and no legs.  You’ve probably seen it that one video has received 8 million views to date.

One of the more inspiring stories in just –.  You watch that and can’t help but be moved. I mean if you got a pulse, you will be moved.  Or Steven Hawking, the professor, excuse me, the quadriplegic.  You know, he communicates in this little computer, in this little straw like device. I mean that’s not a technical term but that’s what it looks like.  Maybe that’s to bring up an image so you know exactly whom I am talking about.

I mean when I see these guys and what they’ve accomplished and I see what they’re up to in life.  I look at whatever challenge or trouble or misfortune I am dealing with, what big giant drama situation that I am dealing with.

I just have to stop and laugh at myself. I mean just completely laugh at myself in a way that I’ve got so much to be grateful for and so do you.  I mean if you’re going to gather in a circle, this giant circle within your community let’s say.

You bought everybody from your neighborhood out. Every person reaches into their pockets and they grab all of their problems.  They threw those problems out on the ground so everybody could see everybody else’s problems.  You’ve been down.  Pick up your problems with swiftness.  You put them back in your pocket and be grateful that everyone else’s problems aren’t yours.  You’d be grateful for your problems. I mean your problems may completely insurmountable to you at the moment.  It’s because they’re your problems.  I mean no one’s problems are bigger than anyone else than they are to themselves.

Just be grateful that you don’t have the other guy’s problems.  Suck it up.  Decide.  Decide what your next decade is going to look like.  You can make your life an inspiring life on YouTube also.

How? By simply making a decision today, right now about how you are going to live your life from this point on.  If you don’t make a decision right now about that next decade how that’s going to be for you.

You already made the decision, haven’t you? Yup. Indecision is also a decision.  You can’t help it.  There’s no escape.  You are making decisions every moment you are walking on this Earth whether you like it or not.

If that’s the case, make good, strong, empowering, exciting, fun, and fulfilling decisions.  You know one of my favorite quotes comes from General Collin Powell.  He wants, you know, General Collin Powell is one of the greatest military leaders of our time. He once said that indecision has caused Americans, American business, and the American government billions of dollars more than the wrong decision.  Indecisions have caused American more than the wrong decision.

In that quote, you can easily swap out dollars for lies if you want it. Indecisions have caused more people their lives than the wrong decision has.  Indecision is expensive.  It’s costly.

I mean just letting life happen to you, not making decisions is a very dangerous proposition. So, Gary, from Australia, buddy, decide. Decide right now and pursue that comedy career. Find a comedic role model that has what you want to have. Study them find out what they did to get where they got.

Create a collating plan for yourself and then start executing that plan with massive action and laser sharp focus.  That decision happens in an instant so when would now be a good time, buddy, Gary?  That goes for you too.

I’ll close with this, a decision is not decision without action.  Get that?  A decision is not a decision without action.  If you haven’t taken action, you haven’t decided so get up.  Let’s do this next week.  See you next week.  God loves you and so do I. I am Matt, the Do Over guy. I will see you on the next episode of Your Do Over.

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