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Freedom Possible

Gary Vaynerchuk - Throwing Jabs and Right HooksIn the spirit of making financial freedom a possibility for all that want it and are willing to do what’s necessary to achieve it, Matt continues his popular and acclaimed Freedom Possible Series with an interview of one of today’s brightest business visionaries, Gary Vaynerchuk.

For those of you who’ve still not been able to find the motivation to begin your financial makeover, this episode is just what you need.  Gary’s charisma and great tips are sure to light a fire under you and get you started on this journey.

If you are new to this podcast and looking to “Do Over” your finances, welcome!  We are in the middle of a series dubbed “Freedom Possible” that will help you do just that.  Please go back and check out the other episodes in this series so that you will have a foundation about today’s topic:

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5 Important Lessons From This Episode:

1 Even if you are happily employed, Gary believes that everyone should start their own business.  If you are risk-averse, think about being in full control.  You have more flexibility than you ever could in corporate America.
2 When getting your business off the ground, it is necessary to give up time, money, or both.  If you are bootstrapping, be prepared to turn down happy hours and fishing trips to grow your business.  These early sacrifices will afford you excesses of time and money in the future.
3 In the beginning, you have to pay your dues.  Do not turn down business because you believe you are worth more, because you are only worth what people will pay you.  So be willing to increase your price as you increase your experience, as Gary says “it’s better than zero.”
4 Gary’s new book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, could also be called Give, Give, Give, Take.  As a small business, you must give value much more often than you ask for the sale.  Though it may seem counterintuitive, you will sell more by giving more.
5 If you are going to start a business and you want it to succeed, you must be online!  People aren’t reading the paper or watching television anymore, your customer is on the web, and you need to be as well!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why there is never a bad time to start a business.
  • How you can use your risk-aversion to your advantage in entrepreneurship.
  • The first thing you should do when starting a business.
  • What organic storytelling is; and
  • How to use it to make money without much money.
  • Why you need to “stop doing dumb shit.”
  • Why telling your story is so important.
  • Where you need to tell your story to reach potential customers.


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