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Jason VanOrdenBack by popular demand is Jason Van Orden, of Internet Business Mastery.  If you are considering starting an Internet business, you won’t want to miss this episode!  Jason leaves nothing out and explains what he wishes he would have known before starting an online business.

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5 Important Lessons From This Episode:

1 Success is much more about how you think and how you behave than specific business tactics.  Forget Google+ and search engine optimization if you are not willing to adopt the right mindset.
2 Define your destination before setting out on your journey.  For entrepreneurs, this means getting clear on the type of lifestyle you want to lead.  How much money do you want to make, how involved do you want to be in your business, where do you want to live?  These are decisions that should be made prior to refining a business concept.
3 The only failure is giving up.  Course correction, setbacks, lessons learned are not failures.  Do not be fooled into quitting because you hit these setbacks and you cannot fail.
4 You should get to your first sale as quickly as possible.  Get out there, close leads, and make the first sale before worrying about your logo, business cards, or other activities that don’t make you any money.
5 Find a mentor and a support group as soon as possible.  Don’t be tempted to do it all alone, but increase your probability of quick success by surrounding yourself with the right people.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The problem with thinking errors in business and life.
  • Why you should focus on your designing your lifestyle before designing your business.
  • Why you need to have a bigger “why” than making money.
  • What a single motivating purpose is; and
  • Why you need to craft one and live by it.
  • How to break through the adversity that you will face in your business.
  • Why you should consider starting an Internet-based business.
  • How to create a business that cannot fail.
  • Why it is critical that you have a narrowly defined target market.


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