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High Reward Low Risk Real Estate InvestingAs the Freedom Possible series enters the home stretch, Matt makes his case as to why your current investments will almost assuredly produce a much lower reward over the long run while carrying a significantly greater amount of risk.  And of course, in “Do Over Guy” fashion, Matt shares the solution and what there is to do with it.

It’s another MUST LISTEN episode of Your Do Over’s Freedom Possible series. As always, you are encouraged to check out all of the episodes in the series by using the links in the Resources section below.


5 Important Lessons From This Episode:

1 While there are many reasons that real estate is a superior investment, one interesting reason is because you are able to affect performance.  You have control over your property, but if you are betting on stocks to go up, the best you can do is wear your lucky underwear.
2 When you own income-producing real estate, it is working for your retirement.  Now rather than you being the only one padding your retirement, all of your rental properties are helping you get there that much faster.
3 Most people know someone who swears against real estate as an investment.  Like all poor investors, this person most likely bought high on greed and sold low on fear.  This is not investing.  It’s reacting at best, gambling at worst.
4 The Law of Now says that the time will never be just right.  Start where you stand and work with the tools you have at your command.  As Matt always says, travel as far as you can see, and then you will see further.  Don’t wait to take the first step.
5 Successful investors take advice from people who have effectively invested before them, and then they take bold and immediate action on that advice.  As Greg Reid mentioned just a few episodes ago, there is no better way to honor your mentor or coach than by following their advice.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The two vehicles that give you the largest likelihood of becoming financially free.
  • The investment that allows more tax deductions than any other.
  • Why banks will loan money on real estate, but not on stocks, 401ks, or bonds.
  • Why developing the investor mindset is crucial before investing in real estate.
  • How Matt defines a successful investor.
  • What the possibility attitude is; and
  • Why adopting it will create new and positive results for you.
  • How you may be accidentally magnifying your own fear.
  • Where you should be getting your advice from if you are craving success.
  • How successful investors view mistakes.


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