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How to Add Serious Velocity to Your Wealth CreationThe finish line is in sight.  The “Freedom Possible” series is coming to a glorious and exciting conclusion.  Once completed, you will have a very clear plan on how to produce your own financial freedom.  But we aren’t done yet!

On this episode, Matt ties together several of the concepts discussed so that you can confidently learn how to add serious velocity to your wealth creation!  If you haven’t listened to all of the previous episodes of the Freedom Possible series, this is the perfect chance to catch up.  See the links below in the “Resources” section.


5 Reasons that EVERYBODY Should Invest In Real Estate:

  1. Cashflow.  Without residual income, you are highly unlikely to reach financial freedom.  Rental real estate is one of the simplest and most manageable ways to create residual income, or cashflow for yourself.
  2. Leverage.  Your wealth builds exponentially faster if you use other people’s money (OPM) rather than relying only on your own money.  In real estate, it is not only easy, it is customary for your to leverage other people’s money to secure your financial future. 
  3. Equity.  In real estate, homeowners regularly exchange their equity in their property for peace of mind.  This means if you can act as a problem-solver, you can get “free” equity.
  4. Inflation.  Real estate is uniquely qualified to help you preserve the value of your money.  When inflation rises, so does the value of your real estate (and your rental rates). 
  5. Taxes.  With the right real estate investing strategies, the average person can virtually eliminate their tax liability.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How your preconceived notions may be scaring you from investing in one of the best investment vehicles ever!
  • How what you don’t know that you don’t know is threatening your financial future.
  • Where you can find OPM, other people’s money.
  • What equity is and the several ways you can grow it in real estate.
  • Why the dollar your assets produce is worth more than the dollar you produce.
  • How to add serious velocity to your wealth creation.
  • How to protect yourself from inflation while everyone else is exposed.
  • How to cut your biggest expense in life so you can enjoy that money you work hard for.
  • Why the government will incentivize you for creating housing and jobs.
  • The difference between using your own money and OPM when it comes to tax liability.
  • What Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant is; and
  • How you can use it to guarantee your financial freedom.
  • The three income classes according to the IRS; and
  • Where rental real estate falls into this equation.
  • What you need to virtually eliminate your tax liability ethically and with the government’s blessing.


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