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Freedom Possible

Freedom PossibleToday is another can’t-miss episode in which Matt Theriault is joined by Rich Mom, Savannah Ross, as she shares her inspiring story of “Bankruptcy to Millionaire” in six months.  Get your pen, paper, and tissues ready as Savannah shares her emotional story of hitting rock bottom and clawing her way back up.

If you haven’t yet taken the first steps towards securing your financial future with real estate, this episode may be just the motivation you’ve needed.  This show is part of the Freedom Possible series so if you haven’t yet listened to them all, please use the links in the “Resources” section below.


5 Important Lessons from This Episode:

1 Savannah, like most people, was living 4-6 weeks away from a total financial hardship if her main source of income was lost.  She was living in a state of financial vulnerability and then her life changed in an instant and she found herself $400,000 in debt.
2 Many people – baby boomers especially – have been so focused on paying off their home mortgage that it prevents them from getting involved in real estate investing.  With the goal of paying off their house as quickly as possible deeply engrained in their minds, these people tend to be unwilling to leverage their money or property to invest.
3 If you want to get started in real estate investing, but you have little time, money, and credit, you might actually be at an advantage.  People living in struggle tend to have a bigger “why” which is the motivator that drove Savannah and will drive you as well.
4 By not taking the first step in real estate investing, you are being selfish.  It is not just about you.  It is about becoming financially free for your children and creating generational wealth that will positively impact your family for years to come.
5 Reality television shows have created false fears in people about real estate investing.  Neither Savannah nor Matt have EVER gotten out of bed to fix a clogged toilet.  Of the thousands of renters Savannah has had, only 2 of them have been headache renters.  Don’t be fearful of the drama, just get out there and start investing.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How Savannah’s limiting beliefs regarding wealth kept her living paycheck to paycheck.
  • Why she chose real estate as the vehicle to drive herself out of financial ruin.
  • How to shift real estate from being risky to having very little risk.
  • The mark of a real estate “guru”; and
  • Why Savannah avoided learning the business from them.
  • How she purchased $3.1M in real estate in 6 short months.
  • The important advice she got regarding analyzing properties.
  • Where to begin your financial education for fastest results.
  • How to diversify your real estate portfolio.
  • How the ego prevents people from investing in real estate.
  • The difference between those that succeed and those that fail in real estate.
  • The reason most people don’t invest in real estate even when they know it’s what they should do.
  • The most consistent and reliable strategy that has made Savannah the #1 real estate investor in the country.
  • The strategy that works best for her students that has six of them in the Top 10 Real Estate Investor list with Savannah.
  • The basic differences between investing in the United States and Canada.
  • How to start investing in real estate when you have little to no real estate experience.
  • How she taught her two sons to become millionaires in real estate by the age of 7.
  • Real estate investing is not surrounded by drama, though reality TV suggests otherwise.


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