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Freedom Possible

Freedom Possible

The title pretty much says it all.  As Matt introduced the Freedom Possible Series with “Change one thing one time and you can exit the rat race forever,” he closes the Freedom Possible Series with “Change one more thing just one time and your exit will be a breeze.”

Don’t miss the final step of shifting from the realm of Freedom Possible to the realm of Freedom Probable, and a special closing thought from an unlikely source.




5 Important Lessons from This Episode:

1 Don’t wait for everything to be perfect.  Once you’ve planned the work, just work the plan.  Even if your plan isn’t perfect, get started!  It is the action you take once you’ve begun working the plan that makes that plan great.
2 Avoid the shiny objects and maintain focus on your plan.  This will prevent you from getting overwhelmed with information and advice.  Filter out the information that is relevant to you at the moment.
3 Don’t go it alone – there are no self-made success stories out there.  Start by finding a mentor who has walked this road before you.
4 Slow down and be patient.  Get rich quick and get rich easy are two very different things.  Work your plan, work it daily, and you will  begin to see results.
5 Never stop being a student.  Your education doesn’t need to be formal, but you can learn through podcasts, books, and webinars.



What You’ll Learn:

  • How to bridge the gap between the realm of possibility to the realm of probability.
  • Why you need to avoid the shiny objects.
  • Where Matt has come up with his best ideas.
  • What your number one priority in starting a business is.
  • The difference in working in your business and working on your business.
  • Why you should become redundant inside your own business.
  • How Matt views procrastination.
  • The question to ask yourself when “it isn’t working.”
  • How to motivate yourself to move forward if you are on the brink of quitting.
  • The one condition that Matt will allow himself to quit under.
  • Why you should ask the questions “How could I be responsible for my current circumstances.”



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