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Vasavi Kumar

Most people at some point will get stopped in the present by a past experience.  Sometimes it’s addiction, sometimes it’s depression, sometimes it’s anxiety – it can be a number of any past memories and/or experiences that sabotage one’s behavior and results.

On today’s show Matt is joined by Vasavi Kumar, a media-savvy social worker, certified life coach and survivor, who is working to free people from their past so they can take charge of their future.  Listen in on their conversation and Vasavi’s advice to overcoming depression, anxiety and fear.  In fact, she will explain how to use fear as your “life compass” to guide your desired destination.




5 Important Lessons from This Episode:

  1. One powerful way that Vasavi battled her demons was by making a choice every single day to take an action that proved she loved herself.  It was – and still is – and every day decision for her.
  2. You are not given the challenges that you have by accident.  Use these obstacles as a training ground and a learning experience.  Channel them and use them to better yourself and others.
  3. Vasavi is a proponent of education as long as it comes from a good place.  If you want to go back to school for the pride of having letters after your name, you should reconsider.  But if you truly want to take your knowledge and advance yourself and your community, go get your learn on!
  4. The hardest part about making positive change in your life is having the ability to step outside of yourself and see what is going on.  If you are unable to address the elephant in the room, you will never truly fix your issues.
  5. Rather than be paralyzed by fear, you should let it guide you.  If your fear has you hesitating to take a particular action, take it now!  Otherwise, you are no longer in the driver’s seat of your own life.



What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Vasavi believes we teach people what we learn.
  • How to free yourself from your past and take charge of your future.
  • What bipolar disorder is and how Vasavi has learned to control it.
  • How Vasavi defines addiction, and how she overcame her many addictions.
  • How she lost 35 pounds.
  • Why you should treat your obstacles as gifts.
  • What Vasavi means when she suggests we use fear as a compass.

 Vasavi Kumar - Free Yourself From Your Past to Take Charge of Your Future


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