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Alan Weinkrantz

Although the phrase the “Law of Attraction” was never mentioned during this interview, the story of Matt’s guest, Alan Weinkrantz, is evidence that whether intentionally or unintentionally practiced, the universal laws of attraction are always working. Good news, yes?!

Listen in on this PR authority’s story and how he’s attracting new business and opportunities by embracing the powers of:

  • Volunteering
  • Mentoring
  • Being open to meeting new people
  • Detaching form the outcome
  • Being helpful

Oh, and you’ve got to hear Alan’s remarkable happenstance story about Zig Zigler.  It’s another MUST listen episode of Your Do Over!



5 Important Lessons from This Episode:

  1. One of the fastest way to get over your own obstacles is to go help someone else with theirs.  You become a better listener and you are able to step outside of your problem and will typically gain perspective and clarity.
  2. Keep things in perspective.  You are more fortunate than 90% of the planet and it is likely that your problems are “first-world problems.”  Remember this and be grateful.
  3. By getting out in the world – through volunteering, co-working arrangements, and traveling – and being open to meeting new people, Alan’s business and personal network has exploded.
  4. Alan’s definition of success has changed dramatically since his do over.  He operates a leaner business and that defines his success.  The bar has been raised for him, but it’s not all based on money.
  5. There is a currency of helpfulness that is always replenishing itself.  It’s not about giving just to get back, it’s about sharing and collaborating in an authentic way that leads to beneficial consequences.



What You’ll Learn:

  • How Alan runs his business and personal life to protect himself from downturns.
  • The easy way to give yourself a raise today.
  • Why you should always save for a rainy day.
  • The unwritten power of volunteering.
  • How Matt keeps himself from making impulse purchases.
  • Where you can meet quality people for your network.
  • How Alan has become a better writer, and how you can too.
  • What the currency of helpfulness is.
  • How Alan uses storytelling to promote business and grow his network.
  • Why Alan believes less is more when it comes to business ownership.
  • Why you should make an effort to get out of your comfort zone.

 Alan Weinkrantz - The Law of Attraction and Zig Ziglar


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