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3 Steps to Getting What You Want this Year

If this isn’t your first time listening to the show, you know how Matt likes to simplify things.  This “thing” is no different.  You likely resolved to make 2014 your best year ever.  And now that January is off to a healthy start, how far have you come in achieving that goal?

On this episode Matt will walk you through 3 simple steps to getting what you want this year. We won’t be focusing on any ol’ thing you want.  Nope!  These are 3 steps to getting that one thing you’ve wanted so badly and for so long, but regardless of what you’ve tried up to this point, you just haven’t been able to make it happen.  Get your pen and paper and get ready to make some serious and lasting change!


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  •   Matt will share with you what’s possible financially, but better yet… he’ll show you the exact path that will move you from the realm of possibility to the realm of probability.
  •   Every attendee will leave with their own personal road map to financial freedom.
  •   $20.00 admission includes Matt’s five hour transformational workshop and a lunch buffet while enjoying a relaxing view of the bay.
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What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should thoroughly evaluate what did and didn’t work for you in 2013.
  • How conflicts in your beliefs are likely preventing you from reaching your goals; and
  • How to know if it is time to revise your game plan to achieving those goals.
  • The three steps you need to take before you can make permanent change in your life; and
  • Why taking the steps in order will all but guarantee your success.
  • Why getting fed up with your circumstances is a good thing.
  • How to stop undermining and sabotaging your own success.
  • The easy way to monitor your own thoughts and beliefs; and
  • Why being able to do so is critical to you achieving your goals.
  • Why it is important to find a good role model and what to do once you find them.
  • How to intentionally create a positive environment.
  • How to harness the power of peer pressure to push yourself higher.
  • Why a fear of shame can help you to follow through on your goals.
  • “The answer.”
  • What lies just beyond your discomfort.
  • Exactly how Matt achieved financial freedom and a loving relationship.


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 3 Steps to Getting What You Want this Year



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