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John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas, one of the most influential podcasters of the day, joins Matt to discuss all things NOT podcasting.  Okay, they touch on it a tad, but the majority of their discussion revolves around the lessons that John has learned through several “do overs” that have shaped him into the entrepreneur that he is today.

You’ll notice a lot of parallels between John and Matt’s stories and that is because the laws of success are universal, regardless of what you’re up to.  So grab a pen and listen in as John Lee Dumas drops sever “success” nuggets that you can plug into your own Do Over.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why John can’t be considered an “overnight success,” though it may seem so.
  • How John used a proverbial reset button in each of his “do overs.”
  • The skill that John learned from his previous jobs that helped him as an entrepreneur.
  • The role of passion when it comes to choosing a career.
  • How to gain mastery in any subject.
  • How John and Matt got introduced to podcasting.
  • The value of a role model; and
  • How John found his own mentor, Jaime Tardy.
  • Why you might want to consider paying for a mentor.
  • The principles John learned in the Army that have helped him as an entrepreneur.
  • Why John began releasing his income reports to his subscribers.
  • The 5 major income streams of Entrepreneur on Fire.
  • What John predicts about the future of podcasts for 2014.
  • The people that John surrounds himself with; and
  • Why he intentionally chose those people.


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 John Lee Dumas Answers the Questions Others Have Been Afraid to Ask


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