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Fire Yourself and Live YOUR Dream with Laurel Staples

You’ve tried the straight-and-narrow path already.  You went to school.  You got a job.  You’ve done the “responsible thing.”

And it was good… for a while.

Now “the responsible thing” kind of sucks.  You’ve been led astray and your life is mediocre.  What happened to all those dreams you used to have?

What you need is a real cure and that starts today with the Do Over Guy’s discussion with business jumpstarting expert, Laurel Staples.  If the path you’re on doesn’t seem to be leading you to your dream destination, you won’t want to miss this episode!


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Laurel decided to leave the corporate world; and
  • How she knew it was time for her to do so.
  • The lessons learned from her opening a retail store the month the recession began.
  • Why starting a business based on your passions may not be satisfying; and
  • What you should center your business around instead.
  • Why being attached to your idea is not necessarily a good thing.
  • The importance of adding value when starting a business.
  • Why you should test your market.
  • How to decide which activities should be your priority in your business.
  • Why logos and business cards don’t really matter.
  • How Laurel was able to create a lot of buzz around her photography business.
  • Why you need to find a connector in your business.
  • When you should start working on your new business idea.
  • The importance of becoming a marketer for your business; and
  • How to learn how to do powerful marketing campaigns.
  • The biggest thing that holds people back from starting their dreams.



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 Fire Yourself and Live YOUR Dream with Laurel Staples


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