How to Generate $200,000 in 90 Days or Less

As I shared with you last week in my post Do Over: 1st Week Results after an initial week of sales that failed to meet my expectations that a new plan would be implemented upon my return from my mid-life celebration, the last few days had me thinking that putting a new plan in place is a little more urgent than I thought.

I rolled out of bed this morning relishing the final day of my 40th “Do Over” birthday getaway and noticed the “ka ching” noise that rings via the boxcar app on my iPhone every time a book is sold from my website is happening significantly less by the day.

As I shared with you last week in my post Do Over: 1st Week Results after an initial week of sales that failed to meet my expectations that a new plan would be implemented upon my return from my mid-life celebration, the last few days had me thinking that putting a new plan in place is a little more urgent than I thought.

Well… here I am, and a new plan IS in place.

Coming up with a new plan took some serious thinking, however. It was obvious after only one week that I perhaps placed too much emphasis on the cause to which the proceeds of my book sales are going and not enough on the content of the book and its value to the reader.

I’m leaning toward this notion as truth due to the overwhelming support I’ve received via phone calls, emails, chats, retweets and FB shares, yet noticing the sales are far less in numbers.

So, where do I draw the line with regard to marketing and promotions between my customers and empathizers? Both are important to the outcome of Rebuild the Bayou.

I began to think about how I have felt and reacted when I’ve been approached by various causes over the years seeking my contribution. Off the top of my head I can’t think of one of these causes that wasn’t a worthy one, but did I contribute? Not very often. I certainly had empathy for the cause and hoped they would do well in their fundraising venture, but those thoughts and emotions rarely resulted in a contribution from me.

Why? What was the real reason I haven’t contributed to every worthy cause that has come my way? Do you give to charity every time you are asked? Perhaps there is a clue in there that will help me sell more books???

If I were to get real and deliver an authentic answer, it would probably be that either I didn’t see enough in it for me to give, or the natural cynic that resides in most of us might have had doubts to how my contribution would actually be used. That’s a little painful to write, but it’s probably true.

So, it’s my guess (and I may be wrong), but I’m going to gamble a bit on that most people typically approach an opportunity or proposal asking themselves two questions, whether consciously or sub-consciously… They ask themselves these two questions (in no particular order):

1.     “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM), and…

2.     “Is this for real?”

As an “unknown guy,” I’m virtually a stranger to 99.9% of the people that stop here to peruse the content at  It’s going to be very difficult, not to mention extremely time consuming, to establish a level of trustworthiness where people just stop by and freely donate money to Rebuild the Bayou. All of I’ve got is my word, and at this point, it’s all I can offer with regard to the question, “Is this for real?” My heart will be revealed over time, that’s not a concern of mine, but there’s very little I can do about it right now.

Being privy to the “cynic” dynamic within the human condition, I’m going to have to shift my focus to the “What’s in it for me?” question as there is something I can do right now. Last week I shared how the “Do Over Plan” described in Do Over is responsible for most of my success the last four to five years in all areas of life including my real estate investing success, my weight loss success and the completion of the book Do Over itself.

To answer the “What’s in it for me?” question, I’m going to implement the Do Over Plan step-by-step to produce $200,000 of Do Over sales. I will lead by example and prove its effectiveness. Over the next 90 days, I will not only demonstrate how the Do Over Plan will accomplish my personal goal of donating a new house to a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina, but how it will work to help you accomplish YOUR personal goal(s), as well.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. So, first I will need to establish exactly where I am going. I have listed steps 1-5 of the Do Over Plan below, and I will follow them to the “t” to reveal my end destination.

Step 1: Create a Compelling Future and Define Your Dreams

Step 2: Create Deadlines

Step 3: Narrow Your Focus

Step 4: Live in the Now

Step 5: Begin with the Destination in Mind

By first establishing an end destination, the Do Over Plan will almost magically reveal the quickest road there. To read in detail how to establish YOUR end destination, I’ve included these two private links below to chapters of Do Over exclusively for my readers that have read this far… and that would be YOU 😀 .

Chapter 7: Create a Compelling Future

Chapter 9: Plan the Work

After coaching myself through these two chapters, my end destination is unveiled…

I am so happy and grateful now that I have earned $200,000 from the sale of my book and its related items by December 31, 2010.

As I’m working my way through the rest of the Do Over Plan, I’ll share with you some modifications to my plan, now dubbed Operation Do Over the Bayou, I’m implementing immediately.

The $1 purchase price of the book, although I still think is a good idea and I’m going to ride it out for a little while more to see how it plays out, I feel I might’ve over emphasized the price without adequate explanation of the $1 being a minimum purchase price and the importance of sharing the information with friends and family.

For example, I’m selling the majority of books at $1, but then receiving comments on how I should add a “Donate” button so that they could’ve contributed more. It’s obvious I haven’t explained clearly how my readers can contribute more should they desire to.

Additionally, I’ve noticed much of this blog’s recent content has been promotional in nature and steered away from its primary purpose of creating a better life for you through using others’ hindsight as your foresight.

Here are three changes I’m going to make, ASAP. Today I’m going to:

  • Change the default price of the book to $3 while keeping in place my readers’ ability to reduce the price to $1 if they desire.
  • Add a “Donate” button for those that want to contribute more on the Do Over sales page and at the end of each blog post for the next 30 days.
  • Focus almost exclusively on delivering valuable content in multiple formats (video, audio and script) that contributes to the lives of and makes a difference for my readers.

That’s it for now. Until next time when I share with you how the road to my end destination is created, but in the meantime… let’s work on YOUR road, as well. Use the private links I’ve included and read Chapter 7: Create a Compelling Future and get started on Chapter 9: Plan the Work.

After reading, I want you to take action and implement what you’ve read. This is not your LEARN over, it’s your DO over!

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