Make Money Online while You Work from Home

Never did I think I’d be writing a blog post on how to make money online while you work from home, but now that I am generating a significant income online… it seems appropriate to show others how have done it. Perhaps it could be the very vehicle that turns their ‘do over’ into a success?

Never did I think I’d be writing a blog post on how to make money online while you work from home, but now that I am generating a significant income online… it seems appropriate to show others how have done it. Perhaps it could be the very vehicle that turns their ‘do over’ into a success?

How to Make Money Online with a BlogWhat I have learned on my extended online journey is that Internet business is no exception. If you want to make money, I mean real money… it takes work. Even online.

It just seems so easy, doesn’t it? You put up a blog, you promote a product, you tell some people about it and they buy. In fact, it’s even better because from my experience they buy primarily while I’m sleeping.

Actually, it is that simple.

But by no means, is it easy.

But by all means, it is worth it.

Okay, so if you’re willing to accept the fact that it is work. The next question is, “How?”

How can I make money online while I work from home?

This is not a question that keeps only the newbies racking their brains but also the blog savvy who have been at it for eons, as well. Unfortunately, with the plethora of get-rich-quick scams that are all over the Internet today, many people are unfortunately shying away from the real opportunities before them.

If you want to start an Internet business from scratch, I would recommend visiting This is where I learned probably 85-90% of what I know, what I’ve implemented and what has worked. From buying a domain name, to setting up hosting, to picking a website theme, to creating an email list, to producing your first product, to launching and selling that product, to putting everything on auto-pilot and doing it all over again. That’s what I mean when I said it was work. It took me a year to create and launch my first product. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

And then! Once I got the basics under my belt and made a few bucks I joined this forum put together by “Multi-Million Dollar Internet Marketer” James Schramko, and it’s the information, products and services within that are taking my entire online business to the next level. Sorry for the cliche’, but it is what it is.

That’s what I’ve done to make money online while I work from home. That’s one choice, you can do what I did. Or, you can try a turn-key “done for you” system.

I’ve done some research to launch a secondary business online. Actually, I’ve done a whole lot of research looking for an easier way to make money online. One solution of which I recently began to implement is blogging system powered by Empower Network. It is an online network marketing firm that anybody can use to start churning real sums from their beloved blog. You don’t need to already have a blog, they give you one that’s ready to go [You can see mine here].

The company provides you with 4 simple products (you don’t have to produce your own) that absolutely anybody can use to earn commissions. It would be a white lie to tell you that these commissions can make you rich but at least, they do provide real extra income. If you want to go the whole nine yards and actually be able to live off it however, you can become a paid member and the investment will show. Paid members get to enjoy the bliss of 100% commissions on all of the following four products offered by the Empower Network.

Wait! You caught that, right? You make 100% commissions!

I became a paid member. I thought, “What have I got to lose? I get all my money back with the 1st sale!”

It was a no-brainer for me. I made my first sale within a few hours and got my money back. The subsequent sales have come a little slower, but I’m in the black and enjoying an additional residual income. So, here are their products:

The Viral Blogging System

Anybody who has been using the Internet for just a few months already knows the meaning of what something ‘viral’ can do for their endeavors. Everybody who has something to promote on the Internet prays that their initiatives go viral. The problem is not too many know how to go about accomplishing this.

Make Money from Your BlogThe Viral blogging system from Empower Network is available to anybody for the meager price of $25. What it entitles you to is the peace of mind that your blogs will rank high on the search engine. The higher the rank on search engines the higher the amounts a blog can make. Empower Network is already a legit powerhouse recognized by search engines. According to Alexa, they are a top 300 website in the U.S.

This means that you get to steer clear of many of the resources you would have to purchase individually for SEO to get your blog ranked high on the search engines. You can say goodbye to the jargon of black hat and white services you have to learn instead of concentrating on what you do best – blogging!

Inner Circle Membership

For just $100, the Inner Circle members are given access to more than 20 audio files from world renowned affiliate marketing gurus. These have hundreds of hours of affiliate marketing training that are yours to keep and to listen to over and over again on your laptop, during your commute or at the gym. These audio files have proven performance of taking even the greenest affiliate marketer to the heavy weight ranks of multilevel marketing using Empower Network.

Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive Training

This is product is for those who are really serious about reaping the rewards of affiliate marketing. It is an extensive set of video modules made by the great David Wood that is guaranteed to boost Internet marketing to levels you once thought unattainable. David Wood also made sure to bring in other pioneers of the trade to make sure that you get all the training possible to turn a nugget into a gold mine with Internet marketing. It is a must do for those who are serious about working from home and making money online.

The 15K Formula

This is the crème de la crème of the Empower Network products. It is for those who know that getting rich from affiliate marketing is not a fantasy and that they intend to make it their reality. It comes at a one-time $1,000 fee but the rewards simply put, are infinite. You will receive in-depth step by step instructions of everything anybody needs to get wealthy from affiliate and Internet marketing. Whether it is SEO, creating links, social media marketing or even how to brand yourself for your target market, it is all included in there like a gift basket waiting for you to open it.

Oh, and if you want to learn more and watch their >>>video<<< presentation, don’t mind the two homeless looking beach bums. I mean… who would’ve thought by the looks of them that Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg would become billionaires???

To your success!