Think and Believe Big!

You are what you think about most of the time.

Everybody wants to be successful to some degree.  Most believe that success will manifest all those wonderful things we call “wants.”  While humans aspire to be successful, very few have the belief that they will succeed.  Unfortunately, that’s where success begins, with beliefs.  No successful beliefs = no success.  Until one has cultivated a strong belief in themselves, success will forever elude them and the “wanting” of success is really nothing more than wishful thinking.

There is nothing mysterious or magical about the power of belief.  History is replete with countless examples of successful people giving an overwhelming amount of credit to their beliefs and thoughts.  Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is one of the more famous studies of such people.  It is successful people’s belief in themselves and what they are up to that attracts and creates their opportunities.  A person with strong beliefs will radiate confidence and influence within their environment and network.  Confident and influential people attract other confident and influential people.  Circles of confident and influential people beget access to resources, contacts and communities that elude other circles.  This type of environment is constantly presenting openings for seemingly effortless action.  Action creates results, results create success, and success will strengthen your belief in success perpetuating the cycle of success; And it all begins with beliefs.

One thing to keep in mind at all times is that “beliefs” do not discriminate.  Successful thoughts lead to successful results.  Mediocre thoughts lead to mediocre results.  Negative thoughts lead to negative results.  Small thoughts lead to small results.  Big thoughts lead to big results.  Beliefs are beliefs.  It takes no more effort to believe in success than it does in failure.  That’s great news!  And even better news is YOU get to choose what you believe in.

In a nutshell, you are what you think about most of the time.


Our mind is like a rubber band, when stretched, it will never return to the previous size. Stretch you mind by learning from and modeling successful people. The aim is to make successful thoughts and actions your habit.