Your Results and Success Depend On It

If you don’t get one now, you’ll hate yourself later. Until you actually are able to experience it, it will always be an underestimated step in producing results.

ResultsIf You Don’t Get One Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later! Until you actually are able to experience it, it will always be an underestimated step in producing results. Nothing can create the true understanding and value of the “mentor” to your successful results like the mentor experience itself. Do not ignore or underestimate this step. Get a mentor. Get several if you can, but at least get one. Hire one if you must.

Do Over Tip: Find a mentor ASAP.

You can eliminate decades of frustration with the right mentor. Results and success come easier and faster when you incorporate a mentor into your Do Over. You will want to find someone who has done, or preferably is currently doing, what you want to do, and learn from them. Their hindsight essentially becomes your foresight; And at the very least, it helps to have someone to look up to, if for no other reason than to assure you that your goals are indeed attainable.

There is a Buddhist proverb that says, “When the student is ready, the master appears.”

Do not wait for the master to appear – seek the master out. Now!

There are very few things that will create positive results and contribute more to your success in your Do Over than a good mentor. I accomplished more in a year with a mentor than I did in the previous five years without one.

For twenty years I had been an entrepreneur, figuring it out on my own, and had never really witnessed what “work” looked like. Consistent results and the type loft success I pursued always eluded me. I had never understood, I mean truly understood, words like “vision,” “focus,” and “intention.” My mentors gave me that, and nobody can ever take that away from me. I am a new person because of these understandings.

In your search for a mentor, I recommend you seek out someone you admire who has the attitude, character, and life you desire, and begin by modeling your behavior after that person.

You will want to seek out “tough love” and criticism. Seeking praise is useless. If you ask enough people, approval is readily available. It takes no effort at all to find people who will tell us what we want to hear.

Consider the time-honored question, “Does this dress make me look fat?

If your mentor is someone who would say, “No, you look fine,” he or she is not a good candidate. In fact, don’t even consider it. Now, imagine if your mentor could say, “No, the dress doesn’t make you look fat. Your fat makes you look fat. You are fat!That’s your mentor! That is the type of response that will cause you to grow. Welcome it.

Do Over Tip: Be coachable.

Give your mentor the permission to demand the best out of you. Being coachable is a learned skill that will serve you on your road to success. Use the criticism to drive you. It will take some humility to receive the criticism and feedback. It will take wisdom to understand it, analyze it, and appropriately act on it.

When I first began to interact with my mentor, I became more than coachable; I surrendered to his ways. Whether I agreed or not, whatever he said, I did; and because I did, I moved forward with greater velocity than I ever would have on my own.

Maintain high standards for your mentor because you will encounter two types of people in your quest: advisors and mentors. Advisors know, but a true mentor knows and does. Seek out the doers, and don’t be afraid to seek out and work with the best.Success Solution

The best people can be difficult to find and difficult to get next to. They may be so focused on their own goals that they do not have the time to take on a pupil. That focus is what makes them who they are. This is who you are looking for. They can be intimidating, especially to the young, but if you are fortunate enough to come across this type of mentor, do not get discouraged. If you approach them with a good attitude that conveys you want to do something well, they typically respond positively.

Do Over Tip: Be of value to your mentor.

Be prepared to run some errands and work for free. You will get a lot of distance out of being proactive and taking initiative while working with your mentor. Don’t be the guy (or girl) who says, “Can I just follow you around for a day?” Don’t be a cling-on; be of value to your mentor. You may have to present yourself to your mentor as someone of value before you ever get their attention. Expect nothing in return other than the experience of working alongside the person you want to become. That type of experience is invaluable.

Do Over Tip: Do not worship your mentor.

It is good to respect, observe, and learn from your mentor, but do not worship them. Always maintain the belief that you can surpass your mentor and that you can be bigger and go beyond. Those who harbor the sidekick mentality or second-best attitude are invariably second-best doers, and they get second-best results.

Your Do Over success and the realization of your biggest dreams really begins once you have found a mentor who believes in you. You can eliminate decades of frustration with the right mentor, one who tugs, leads, and pushes you to knock down milestones one after the other, occasionally landing some jabs of reality and every once in a while delivering a right-hook called “truth.”

Leave no stone unturned, find a mentor ASAP. It’s that important.

I’m developing a free resource to assist you in your quest for a mentor. While I’m putting the finishing touches on the program, feel free to visit for more information.