Your Vision

Envision and create your ideal life using a vision board/book.

A “Dream Board/Book” or “Vision Board/Book” is a way of writing your goals using images rather than words.

If you could create your ideal life, what would it look like?

You have the power to create your ideal life.

Vision BoardUntil you do create that life in reality, you must be clear on how you want it to look every step of the way. Many suggest writing down goals on a piece of paper to create clarity, and then refer to these goals on a regular basis. I’m a proponent of this practice, however, I’ve found it much more powerful to display these goals through images rather than words. Images tend to evoke more emotions calling you powerfully into positive action toward your goals’ attainment.

There are key elements of a vision board that I don’t want you to miss so I’ve put together for you step by step instructions below.

Step One:

You will need to acquire a poster board, white glue or rubber cement or double sided tape, and some scissors… all of which can be purchased at an arts and crafts store.

Step Two:

Collect as many different types of magazines as you can. You will need a variety of magazines to collect enough images to display your desired emotions, destinations and being.

**Don’t hold back! Dream BIG! If you want nothing more than to be happy, look for images that convey the happiness you’re after. If it’s an ocean front mansion you desire, find a picture of that house you envision. If it’s your dream to have “washboard” abdominal muscles, search for the perfect picture of them. If you want to travel to exotic islands, seek pictures of those islands. If you want to be a professional dolphin trainer, an expert snow skier or classical pianist… find images that depict such activity and stir your emotions. Choose images that really light you up! You can cut out words and sentences, also. Whatever you choose to use, as long as it motivates and inspires you, it works!

If you’re unable to find the exact pictures in magazines that you want, try an image search online and print them out. I often use to find the perfect picture. They have a good selection of free images and there’s a nominal fee to use their premier images, but hey… it’s my life and my dreams I’m creating! I have no problem investing a few bucks to create my perfect vision board.

Step Three:

Take a picture of yourself, or use one you’ve already taken, that you really like. Either way, use a picture capturing your true “happy/feel good” emotions. Position this photo in the middle of your board.

Step Four:

You are now ready to start to creating your dream board by placing your images on the board. I’ve included some examples of vision boards below to give you an idea of what others have created.

Step Five:

Have fun!!! Success is not a destination, it is a journey. Enjoy the beginning of your journey knowing that you are on your way to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

After you have completed your dream board…

Display your dream board in place you’ll see it everyday.

Invest five minutes in the morning and another five in the evening everyday looking at the life you have created. Allow yourself to really feel the emotions you will experience once you’ve attained that ideal life. Allow yourself to really feel it!

Here’s the most important thing to do… expect this life to occur for you. Don’t hope or wish, EXPECT!